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                       ANNUAL POPPY APPEAL

September 2020


Dear Sir and Brother,


Apologies for the delay in contacting you. 

Due to the COVID-19 situation Poppyscotland have only just been granted permission from the City of Edinburgh Council to go ahead with this year’s Field of Remembrance where, since 2012, your Lodge has been part of something special.  A single Remembrance Cross with your Lodge’s stamp and number has been placed in the Edinburgh Field of Remembrance. It was one of 650 crosses sponsored by the Grand Lodge of Scotland, which combined with an additional 1,300 personalised symbols that you sent to us, over £17,500 was raised in support of the Armed Forces community.  Thanks to you we were able to create a truly stunning and moving public display of Remembrance. Now that we know we can open the Field of Remembrance, with COVID-19 restrictions in place, the Grand Lodge of Scotland has agreed to support Poppyscotland with this initiative once again.


As you know it has been a few years since my daughter, Fiona, was in the Armed Forces. 

Fiona served in Bosnia and Afghanistan and I am grateful every day that she returned home safe and is doing well.  Poppyscotland really understands the pressures and strains involved in military life as well as the sacrifices made.  They offer tailored support and funding to those not as fortunate as Fiona and make a positive difference to members of the Armed Forces community and their families for years to come.  If Fiona ever needs help she knows she can turn to Poppyscotland too.


Please lend your Lodge’s support to this very worthy cause.

  • This year Poppyscotland are asking if you would make your dedications and donations online by visiting: poppyscotland.org.uk/appeal2020/scottishfreemasons
  • The suggested donation towards Poppyscotland is £10.
  • Simply complete the online form with your donation and dedication details and select your chosen symbol.  Poppyscotland will personally scribe and plant your symbol on your behalf.
  • The deadline for this is Thursday 22nd October 2020.


Poppyscotland will plant the personalised ones in this year’s Field of Remembrance in Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh.  If you require more crosses, alternative symbols or have any questions you can contact Poppyscotland on 0131 550 1567.  Thank you so much.


Yours sincerely,

Ramsay McGhee

Grand Master Mason

Black Isle Poppy Appeal Convener


PS Please note that Thank you letters will be sent out from Poppyscotland from the end of November.

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