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                 CARRON ROYAL ARCH CHAPTER No.478 2020


  • Companions, at our very well attended and successful meeting (Provincial visit) MEC David Duncan started selling the tickets for our centenary meeting/re dedication/dinner taking place on Saturday 16th May 2020 at 2pm.The response was excellent with David issuing 67 tickets and he's very pleased to say that everyone paid the £12.00. Our maximum is 90, to avoid disappointment, please contact David at davie.duncan@btinternet.com or 07708 867193 to book your tickets. We have set aside 12 tickets for our English friends and can I ask those who wish to attend to contact MEC Fraser McCord, fraser.mccord@sy.com who will be the point of contact. If more are required please let Fraser or myself know at your earliest. Lookind forward to a wonderful day. Sincerely and fraternally MEH Tam Meikle PZ Carron RAC 478 Establish a modern and contemporary look for your home. A wide variety of modern armchairs from top designers all over the world.


  • Companions all, I have been directed by our Fist Principal, M.E.C Paul Garrett to convey warm and fraternal greetings to you all. M.E.Z. Paul and all at Carron RAC No.478 extend a cordial invitation to one and all to attend our now annual visit from our friends south of the border on Thursday 6th February 2020 with a 6.45pm tyle. The business of the evening will be affiliation to our Chapter of four candidates-: Companions Mervyn F. Wilson, Andrew V. Greenhalgh, Michael B. Flynn and John D. Askew. Please find enclosed agenda/summons which sets out the course of the evening. May I respectfully suggest that those affiliating arrive at the Chapter premises, Lodge Carron 139, 234 Main Street, Stenhousemuir, FK5 3JP for 6pm. This will allow sufficient time for being welcomed and conducting the financial aspects with our Treasurer before the ceremony commences. I am aware several of those travelling may have to leave quite soon after the ceremony but we hope that as many of you as possible can remain behind to enjoy some Chapter hospitality and a few drams if you so wish. Please note that there will be sufficient Companions from 478 to transport you all back to your respective hotels/accommodation with no need to book taxis etc. Indeed if transport is required from your hotel to the Chapter prior to the meeting, do not hesitate to let me know and I will put things in place for this. If you would rather drive or indeed book a taxi, I will leave this for you all to decide but be assured there will be no issue in me making a few shuttle trips the short distance to and from locations. I wish to point out that the dining experience is a tad different from what occurs in your own provinces. There will not be a sit down two/three course meal which I have enjoyed during my sojourns to Lancashire /Northumberland. There will be a purvy/finger buffet which will consist of a selection of sandwiches, sausage rolls, home baking, fruit dumplings, soup, tea and coffee which takes place in an informal setting in the downstairs lounge area. You may therefore wish to have a late lunch/dinner before sitting down to the hospitality around 9.15pm. I trust the above information is useful but please do not hesitate to contact me with any queries. The dress attire is lounge/dark suits with Royal Arch regalia and Chapter ties for those who have them. I am building up my contacts database so if you notice any omissions let me know and I will update my list. Looking forward to seeing you all. Fraternal greetings Tam Meikle PZ/MEH Carron RAC No. 478


  • On behalf of WCN/MEC Paul Garrett, everyone at Carron L & C No.478 wish to sincerely thanks everyone of the Brethren and Knights who braved the elements and offered your support to last nights set of degrees  (Thursday 30th January 2020) with a special thanks to the OB's of our PGRAC who turned out in great numbers. It was extremely heartening to all at No.478 to see the columns well filled and all of the degree team thoroughly appreciated this support. We hope that our two new Brethren and Knights, Robert Bissett Snr and Colin Fullarton took as much in as possible and have a long association with us. It was also great to hear the background organ playing of EC Alan Reid which thoroughly enhanced the ceremony. A great night had by all finished off with some first class hospitality with everyone, as usual, mingling and blethering away in the lounge downstairs. Regards Tam Meikle 
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