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Burns Cottage Alloway
Burns Cottage Alloway
Burns Cottage Alloway
Burns Cottage Alloway  

Photo with kind permission

Brother William Ramsay McGee M.C.M.I. (2019-2022) 

Most Worshipful Grand Master Mason of Scotland




The Grand Lodge of Scotland
Antient Free and Accepted Masons 
Founded 1736


Brother Charles I.R. Wolridge Gordon Esslemont Immediate Past Grand Master Mason
Brother Thomas C Smith I.Eng, A.M.I. Struct E,  RW Depute Grand Master Mason
Brother Alexander B.M. McLachlan RW Substitute Grand Master Mason
***************************************************** *****************************************
Grand Lodge of Scotland Office-bearers  2020-2021
Brother Alexander C.G. Moncrieff Senior Grand Warden
Brother W Scott Sneddon  Junior Grand Warden
Brother William Semple Grand Secretary
Brother James Bell C.A. Grand Treasurer
Brother Tom Davidson F.R.I.C.S. Grand Almoner
Brother William H. Gauld Grand Director of Ceremonies
Brother Rev. Angus Kerr Senior Grand Chaplain
Brother Rev. Alexander Shuttleworth Junior Grand Chaplain
Brother John McKenzie Senior Grand Deacon
Brother Samuel Peden  Junior Grand Deacon
Brother Andrew Mushet O.St.J. Grand Librarian
Brother David A. Reid Grand Architect
Brother James I. Jack Grand Jeweller
Brother James R. Brennan Grand Bible Bearer
Brother Alistair Henderson B.A. (Hons.) Grand Bard
Brother Archibald Chalmers Grand Sword-Bearer
Brother Michael Kinnaird Grand Director of Music
Brother Ronald W.A. Forbes Assistant Grand Director Ceremonies 
Brother Alberto Massimo Grand Organist
Brother Robert Burns  Grand Piper
Brother John S. Miller Grand Marshall
Brother John A. Anderson Senior Grand Standard Bearer
Brother George Donnely Junior Grand Standard Bearer
Brother Thomas A. Leckenby Grand Inner Guard
Brother George G. Stoddart President of Grand Stewards
Brother Clark Wilson Grand Tyler


To: Provincial Grand Masters 

Cc: District Grand Masters, Proxy District Grand Master (Lodges Under Direct Supervision) Grand Superintendents, Provincial Grand Secretaries, District Grand Secretaries 29 March 2021


Dear Provincial Grand Master 

Please circulate to your Province in the absence of having this read in open Lodge. Masonic Social Media & Scottish Parliament Election 

I refer to the above subject and request your assistance to maintain proper Masonic  decorum on social media platforms during the build up to the Scottish Parliamentary Elections on 6 May 2021. Political electioneering has only just commenced and I am already receiving notification of  concerns regarding the use of social media. As you are aware there are several Scottish Masonic forums on various digital platforms, the most common being Facebook. I suggest that any Scottish Masonic social media platform is regarded as an extension of the Lodge and therefore has no place for political commentary. I would expect platform administrators to endorse and implement this position. All members of society enjoy the right to freedom of speech and Freemasons are no different. Brethren, however, should be aware, when communicating and expressing an opinion on their own social media accounts, they are subject to the law of the land and their  conduct should at all times be that expected of a member of the Scottish Constitution. Finally, a word of advice, always remember that your digital footprint never disappears and will be there for all to see when the dust settles on any online exchange of views. If in any  doubt regarding the content of a post the best course of action will be to press the delete button and leave “keyboard warriors” to their own devices. The busiest Committees in Grand Lodge are the Disciplinary Committee and the Disciplinary Review Committee. Let us not add to their burden over the next few weeks. 


Yours Sincerely and Fraternally 

William M. S. Semple 

Grand Secretary



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