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Photo by kind permission

Emergency Stair now completed with new exit and entry door 


Photo by kind permission 

Emergency Stair now completed 


Photo by kind permission

New plinth for refuse bins now complete


Photo by kind permission

New plinth for refuse bins in process


Photo by kind permission

AFTER:The work at the rear ground floor door and pathway has now been completed


Photo by kind permission

BEFORE:The ground work at the rear ground floor door and pathway 


Photo by kind permission
Brother Allan Baxter has started on the final work prior to the new season. As you can see the facia for the Emergency Exit Door (Upstairs) will be completed soon.

             BEFORE refurbishment emergency inside door of hall, still old facings to fit 


                                AFTER refurbishment emergency inside door of hall 


Emergency rear exit door and light installation now complete with new steps gantry 


Emergency rear exit light fitted 


Lodge Carron 139 Main Entrance door refurbished and repainted


Lodge front entrance almost complete second coat of paint required on cupboard doors. Work completed by IG Allan Baxter and painting by IPM Tam Meikle.

Ground floor emergency exit being refurbished before sanding.


Ground floor emergency exit being refurbished after sanding.


Photos by kind permission

Brother Secretary Kenneth Maclennan & Brother Allan Baxter IG are seen above and below the completed emergency stair construction: photos received Tuesday 19th March 2019 


Photo by kind permission


Lodge Carron 139 work progression on the building as of Wednesday 8th August 2018

     Brethren of the Lodge beginning refurbishment of the outside of the building July 2018


Lodge Refurbishment Photos dated 26-06-2012


Lounge before refurbishment


Gents & Ladies Toilets before refurbishment

Hallway & Committee Room before refurbishment

Entrance Hallway to Lodge before refurbishment & Entrance to Lounge

Lounge after refurbishment 24-09-2012

 RWM & Brethren at our monthly General Committee Meeting

Entrance to Lounge

Lounge & Bar 

 Eatables at a meeting night in the new Lounge & Bar 

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