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Photos by kind permission

Lodge Almoner Brother Charlie Macvicar visiting our Senior Brethren on Saturday 5th September 2020 accompanied by Brother WSW George Mawhinnie. Brethren Robert Stuart, Shearer Hendry, and Tom Laird were presented with framed photographs on the occasion of Brother Robert Stuart's 70th year membership of his Mother Lodge taken on Wednesday 2nd September also flowers were presented to the ladies on behalf of Lodge Carron No.139.

Photos by kind permission

Group photos of a social function/quiz/bingo evening held in the Lounge of the Lodge Carron No.139 premises on Saturday 7th March 2020 hosted by PM Brother Ian Barron. A presentation was made by RWM Brother Jim MacAulay to Mrs Sally Barron on her retirement as the Lodge cleaner for the past 17 years. The entertainment was provided by PM Brother Alan Reid and Duncan Leask of A&D Music, also in the group photo winners of the quiz evening. Thanks also goes to Brother Kenneth Maclennan Lodge Secretary, Mr & Mrs Barron for providing the buffet for the evening, with thanks to all for providing the raffle prizes, also  to Brother Charlie MacVicar Lodge Almoner for providing the photos.


Photo woth kind permission

Group photo on a visit to Lodge Bothwell brig on Tuesday 25th February 2020 L -R Brother  Alan Baxter JD, RWM Brother Desmond McGowan No.1229, Duncan Mulholland RWM Brother Ross Forrest Lodge Clydesdale No.551, WSW Brother George Mawhinnie, Brother Charlie MacVicar Almoner Lodge Clydesdale No.551 we’re conferring the F.C degree

Visit to Lodge Navigation No.86 Thursday 20th February                                      2020  

Photos by kind permission

Bro Charlie MacVicar Almoner 139 along with RWM Bro Jim MacAulay, Bro Tam Meikle PM, Bro Dougie Thomson BB all from Lodge Carron 139, also RWM Bro Desmond McGowan and Bro Robert Johnstone PM of Bothwell Brig 1229, was a honour and privilege to have them with us visiting Lodge Troon Navigation 86, would like to thank RWM Bro Billy Bowie, PM’s, Office Bearers and Brethren for the warm welcome in to there Lodge Troon Navigation 86, on a personal point would like to thanks RWM Bro Billy Bowie for the kind invite to the east, was a honour and privilege. Congratulations to the RWM Bro Andrew Wilson, PM’s, Office Bearers and Brethren of (The Bonnie Doon 565) for a brilliant E.A. Degree on one pure candidate!! Bro Stuart Lancaster (PM 86) RWM Bro Andrew Wilson was a proud man with his degree team and he should’ve been!! excellent degree RWM, the purpose off our visit was to present back apron, sash, and other items of Bro Alex Sands who passed away last year 12th October 2019, His daughter Moria who asked me to hand back these items to his mother Lodge Troon Navigation 86, so I got in touch with secretary Bro Billy Donaldson Lodge 86, were we struck up a good friendship and arranged this date to hand over these items, the warm welcome we got from all brethren in the Lodge 86, brought tears to my eyes, it was a honour and privilege along with our RWM Bro Jim MacAulay and our brethren who were able to attend to hand back these items on behalf off the family, Bro Alan Sands was a gentleman and is sadly missed amongst Lodge Carron 139 Brethren. As you can see with one of the pictures in my hands, was giving two bags of scones (Fruit/ plain have a soft spot for scones) from Lodge Troon Navigation 86 Secretary Bro Billy Donaldson, was surprise by this gift!! He told me they were from his good lady wife (Nanette) so thank you very much Nanette, also Nanette I also love cheesecake as well  thanks again all @ Lodge Troon Navigation 86 for a outstanding night and ur hospitality was brilliant. Almoner 139 SMIB, UTR

        PGL of Stirlingshire 275th Celebration Photos                           Saturday 15th February 2020

Saturday 15th February 2020 – Provincial Grand Lodge of Stirlingshire who are celebrating their 275th Anniversary. The Grand Lodge of Scotland carried out the Ceremony of Rededication of The Provincial Grand Lodge of Stirlingshire who are celebrating their 275th Anniversary. RWPGM Bro. Alistair T Marshall welcomed all Brethren present which included representatives from 16 Sister Provincial Grand Lodges. The Provincial Deputation was led by Bro. Bobby Jess, the Provincial Grand Master of Dumfriesshire. The Meeting was held in the premises of Lodge Zetland No. 391 with the dinner in Grangemouth Town Hall. The MWGMM, Bro. William Ramsay McGee and the Office Bearers of Grand Lodge performed the Ceremony to the highest of standards which was greatly appreciated by everyone present. The Grand Lodge Deputation included four Past Provincial Grand Masters of our Province, Bro. George Kelly, Bro. Kenneth Kennedy, Bro. Jim Jack and Bro. Tom Davidson. Bro. Tom McCrone and Bro. Billy Spencer were also in attendance in their capacity as Members of the Board of Grand Stewards. PGM Bro. Bill Perry had the honour of proposing the toast to the Provincial Grand Lodge of Stirlingshire. Besides the PGM, Bro. Andrew D Millar DPGM, Bro. William Craig PG Secretary and Bro. Ean Brown PPGSW represented Lanarkshire Middle Ward. Bro. Desmond McGowan, the RWM of Lodge Bothwell Brig No. 1229 also attended the celebrations. 

Lodge St. Clair Glasgow No.362 Annual Dinner Wednesday 12th February 2020 with Master of Ceremonies for the evening  Brother Robert Ross Lodge Neptune No.419 also attending L-R Brother Tam Meikle PM Lodge Carron No.139, Brother George Meikle Lodge St.John Tulliallan No.598, Brother Charlie McVicar Lodge Carron No.139 Lodge Almoner.

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