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Photo by kind permission

At the Regular meeting of Lodge Carron No.139 on Wednesday 23rd of January 2019 Brothers Tom Laird and Jim McFarlane were presented with their Jubilee Certificates along with Brother Arn Fullarton the Lodge's newest Master Mason receiving his diploma by the RWM on the evening Brother Ian Barron PM also present was RWPGM Brother Alistair Marshall congratulations to all the Brethren.


Photo by kind permission

RWM Brother Stuart Stirling with his Installing Masters Brother Lenny McComb PM No.484, Brother Gordon Sewell PM No.598, Ian Macdonald PM 391 also in the photograph Brother Alistair T.Marshal RWPGM and Lodge Piper Gavin Richardson on Friday 14th December 2018


Photo by kind permission

At a meeting of the Lodge held on Wednesday 10th October 2018 RWM Tam Meikle had the pleasure to welcome and introduce into the Lodge two Brethren from the English Constitution in the persons of Brother George Brooks PPGSwd Br WM of the Fleetwood Lodge No.3711 E.C. and Brother David Brooks PM of the same Lodge (Father & Son)


Photo by kind permission

Group photo with Lewis Candidate Brother Arn Fullarton and members of Lodge Carron No.139, Lodge Callendar No.588, and the Brethren from the English Constitution


Photo by kind permission

Group photo with Brother Charlie MacVicar Std/Br who along with WJW Brother George Mawhinnie and Brother Allan Baxter BB Lodge Carron 139 visited Lodge Dolphin 911 Thursday 4th October 2018 with the RWM, PM’s and their members conferring a MM degree to a very high standard Report Brother Charlie MacVicar Std Bearer Lodge Carron 139 


                                 Permission given by all present to post photo.

On Thursday 20th September 2018 accompanied by Std.Br.Bro.Charlie MacVicar and Bro. Alex McArdle Lodge Callander No.588, I had the pleasure of visiting Lodge Glasgow St Clair No.362 for the first time since receiving Honorary Membership. We were warmly welcomed by PM Alex Stevenson and Brethren. Bro.Tom Scobbie then received the mallet and along with his Degree team conferred an Entered Apprentice Degree on one candidate to a very high standard. Many were taking part for the first time and the Lodge must be delighted especially with their two most recent MM’s who took part on their first return after being raised. An inspiration to many of us. Fraternal greetings were duly exchanged and we all retired for Lodge hospitality a thoroughly enjoyable evening had by all. Bro.Tam Meikle RWM 139


                                  Permission given by all present to post photo.                                  

   Group photo on the visit to Lodge St Clair No.362 on Thursday 20th September 2018


RWM Brother Tam Meikle presenting a Lodge Carron pennant to RWM Brother David Murray Lodge St Clair Glasgow No.362 on Thursday 21st June 2018 


      Group photo of Officebearers and Reigning Masters at Lodge St Clair Glasgow No.362


        Group photo with the two candidates and WSPGM of Glasgow Brother Alan Cuthill


From L to R Brother Allan Baxter BB, Brother Jim MacAulay WSW, Brother George Mawhinnie WJW, Brother Charlie(Gordon) MacVicar Std Br at a meeting of Lodge Douglas No.409 on Saturday 2nd June 2018 Photo by kind permission of the above Brethren


On Wednesday 23rd May 2018 RWM Tam Meikle visited Lodge Clydesdale Glasgow No.556 accompanied by Brother Alex McArdle Lodge Callendar No.588 and Brother Darren McArdle Lodge St Christopher No.1453 who were warmly welcomed by RWM Brother Thomas Loftus. Photo by kind permission of Brother Stewart Cruickshank WSPGM of Ayrshire. 


On Sunday 13th May 2018 RWM Tam Meikle with the Brethren from the Hatherley Lodge No.625 left to right Brother Ian McKenzie Secretary, Past District Deputy Grand Master of Algonquin East District, VW Brother Robert Forster Past Grand Steward and Brother Douglas Hertz MM from the Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario Algoma East District. 


On Sunday 13th May 2018 Group photo of RWM Tam Meikle, PGL Secretary Honorary member of Lodge Carron, and Brethren of the Lodge with our Canadian visitors.


On Saturday 28th April 2018 Brother Charlie Mcvicar Lodge Carron 139 Standard Bearer visited Lodge St John Kilwinning No.57 for the Annual Installation of RWM Brother Callum Colquhoun also visiting was RWPGM Brother Douglas Fergie it was a excellent day.

Birthday cake celebration for Brother George Mawhinnie WJW and Brother Lindsay Wannan SD in the Lodge Lounge on Wednesday 25th April 2018 


Photo by kind permission

Presentation of 50 year Jubilee Cerificate to Brother George Macfadyen at Lodge Carron 139 on Wednesday 11th April 2018 in the photo from left to right RWPGM Brother Alistair T Marshal, Brother George Macfadyen and RWM Brother Tam Meikle Lodge Carron 139                                                    

Photo by kind permission

From left to right WSW Brother Jim MacAulay,RWM Brother Tam Meikle,Worthy Candidate Brother Craig Hyndland, Brother Charlie Macvicar, Brother John Welsh IPM 1426, WJW Brother George Mawhinnie at Lodge Corkerhill No.1426 Friday 6th April to work MM degree


          Photo by kind permission

RWM Brother Tam Meikle with Lodge Standard Bearer Brother Charlie Macvicar at Lodge Corkerhill No.1426 on Friday 6th April 2018 to work the MM degree


Photo by kind permission

Photo inset RWM Tam Meikle with RWM Jim Cassidy,The Bridgeton Glasgow, Shamrock & Thistle Lodge No.275 who with his Office-bearers carried out the 1st degree within the Lodge premises on Wednesday 28th March 2018 


        Photo inset RWM Tam Meikle with Candidate for the evening Brother Brian Conroy

on Friday 29th December 2017 Lodge Carron 139 held their last meeting of 2017 which was a MM Degree conferred by Lodge Bannockburn Bruce & Thistle No.312  



RWM Tam Meikle with Installing Masters Brother's Alexander A Todd No.391, Nicol Scobbie No.391, Alan B Reid No.139 at the Annual Installation of Office-bearers on Friday 8th December 2017 


Brother Andrew Paterson of Lodge Carron No 139 Lodge Treasurer with Right Worshipful Tam Meikle and Provincial Grand Master Brother Alistair T Marshall displaying his Jubilee Certificate for 50 years membership of his Mother Lodge on Wednesday  


Past Masters Bros. Alan B Reid and John A Lapsley of Lodge Carron No 139 with the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master Brother Alistair T Marshall and Right Worshipful Master Brother David AD Duncan displaying their Jubilee Certificates for 50 years membership of their Mother Lodge on Wednesday 9th November 2016






INSCRIPTION PLATE AT THE REAR READS "Respectfully restored by Brother George Meikle Lodge Carron 139 and Brother A. McArdle Lodge Callendar 588 Father and Father-in-Law respectively  RWM Brother Thomas Meikle Lodge Carron 139 Installed 9th December 2016"                                                                                                                                                                                                   





Brethren of Lodge Carron I hope like me, you are happy with the final work done on our new presentation table. As requested a "pelmet" with name, and design has been fixed to the front. Until we see it in person we will not be able to appreciate the completed work but I do think it will match the Ballot Box perfectly and another great addition to our Lodge furniture moving forward with the Lodge upgrades.



On Thursday 2nd March 2017 I had the privilege and indeed honour of leading a Deputation of 15 Brethren from Lodge Carron 139 into Lodge Dolphin 911. We were very well received by RWM Stuart Jeffray, Office Bearers and the Brethren of Lodge Dolphin 911. We witnessed an excellent 2nd degree which was conferred by the Worthy PM's of the Lodge headed by John Hutchison PM. The evening was made special in that the candidate was one of RWM Stuart Jeffray's sons Peter. At the close of the ceremony I had the pleasure of receiving the Travelling Gavel from RWM Jeffray. At the conclusion of the meeting I conveyed warm and fraternal greetings from all the visiting Brethren but more in particular from my own Mother Lodge, Carron 139. I expressed my hope that the Travelling Gavel be in our possession for as little time as possible and look forward to handing it over to the next worthy recipients. Another huge night for me personally. 









RWM Tam Meikle welcomes Brother Robert Stuart to Lodge Carron 139 on the occasion of the 250th photo shoot on Friday evening 10th February 2017. Brother Bobby was Depute Master at the 200 years Bi-Centennial Celebrations of the Lodge in 1967









   RWM Tam Meikle & George Meikle            RWM Tam Meikle & RWPGM Alistair Marshall


RWM Tam Meikle at the The Annual Installation of Office Bearers on Friday 9th December 2016 Installing Masters Nicol Scobbie PM 391,Alexander A Todd PM 391, Alan B Reid PM 139


Brother Stuart Stirling & Brother Ian Rae being presented with their trophies on being runners up in the overall competition by the RWPGM's wife Jen this was the fourth year for the Provincial Grand Lodge of Stirlingshire Annual golf competition which was at the home of Schawpark Golf Course Alloa on Sunday 9th May 2016...well done Brethren from all at 139


Congratulations to Brother Lindsay Wannan Lodge Carron 139 IG pictured here front row left on his affiliation to Lodge Corkerhill 1426 on Friday 5th February 2016. The Deputation was headed by SD Brother Jim Macaulay who were warmly welcomed into the Lodge by RWM Brother John Welsh thereafter all were invited to remain behind to accept Lodge harmony and hospitality.


                                             Annual Installation December 2015

                     RWM Brother David AD Duncan & RWPGM Brother Alistair T Marshall


RWM Brother David Duncan with his Installing Masters December 2015 

Brother Stuart Stirling PM 139 PGL SD & Brother Nicol Scobie PM PGL Secy


Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master Brother Alistair T. Marshall & Right Worshipful Past Provincial Grand Master Brother John McKenzie proudly display their Honorary Membership Certificates at the Annual Visitation of Provincial Grand Lodge to Lodge Carron No. 139 on 11th November 2015. Also pictured is the RWM of Lodge Carron 139 Brother Stuart Stirling. A well deserved honour and congratulations.


RWM Stuart Stirling, PM's, Office-Bearers and Brethren of Lodge Carron 139 warmly congratulate Brother William Cochrane Campbell on his appointment to the Board of Grand Stewards of the Grand Lodge of Scotland 2015


Pictured in the photogragh is Brother David Beveridge being presented with his 50 year diploma by RWM Stuart Stirling and RWPGM Alistair T Marshall at a recent meeting of the Lodge 2015


Lodge Carron 139 was well represented by the Brethren from the Lodge headed by our RWM Stuart Stirling who were invited to be honoray marshals at the remembrance services at both Larbert Railway Station and Larbert West Old Parish Church for the Quintinshill disaster on 22nd May 1915


Brother Robert Lapsley Wilson (seated left), Brother William Steel Hogg seated centre and Brother Peter Henderson (seated right) each received 50 Years, 60 Years and 65 Years Service Diplomas respectively from RWM Brother William C. Campbell during the Annual Visitation by Provincial Grand Lodge to Lodge Carron No. 139 on Wednesday 12 November 2014. Present in photo is RWPGM Brother Andrew A McKinnon. Congratulations to all three for their dedicated service to Lodge Carron 139


In the photo is the MWGMM Charles,Ian,Robert Wolridge Gordon of Esslemont RWPGM Andrew A McKinnon with our own RWM Willie Campbell at the reigning Masters Degree held in Lodge Carron 139 on Friday 25th April 2014


RWM Brother Willie Campbell is seen here receiving his 50 year diploma from PM Brother Stuart Stirling Provincial Grand Junior Deacon at a meeting held on Wednesday 12th March 2014. Also in the picture is the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master Brother Andrew A Mckinnon


Brother Peter Henderson of Lodge Carron 139 and Brother Bill Gilchrist of Lodge Camelon 1456 on the occasion of being made Honorary Members of Lodge St. John Slamannan 484 on Wednesday 20th March 2013. Also in the picture is RWM Brother James Kerr and Brother Andrew A McKinnon Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master


Brother Willie Inglis is seen here receiving his 50 year diploma from RWM Brother William C Campbell at a meeting held on Wednesday 28th November 2012. Also in the picture is Worshipful Substitute Provincial Grand Master of Stirlingshire Tom White


Brother James Hayworth was awarded the Honorary Grand Rank of Organist at the Regular Meeting held in Lodge Carron No. 139 on Wednesday 8th February 2012. The presentation was made by the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master Brother Andrew A. McKinnon. Jim is pictured with the Master of his Mother Lodge, Brother John B. Muir Lodge Dolphin No. 911, and the Master of his affiliated Lodge, Brother William C. Campbell Lodge Carron No. 139

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