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On Saturday 3rd November 2018 I attended the 200th Rededication Ceremony of The Bridgeton & Glasgow, Shamrock & Thistle Lodge No.275. A deputation of 14 Office Bearers from the PGL of G headed by the RWPGM Bro James C Peddie were warmly welcomed into the Lodge By Bro James Cassidy No.275 also welcomed in to the lodge was Deputation of 29 Office Bearers from the GLOS of which Bro William C Campbell PM Lodge Carron No.139 as a G/Stwd headed by the MWGMM Bro Charles Iain Robert Wolrige Gordon of Esslemont the Office Bearers of the GLOS expertly carried out the rededication ceremony to a very high standard at the conclusion of which RWM Bro James Cassidy PM thanked the MWGMM and his office bearers for a superb Rededication Ceremony at the conclusion of the ceremony RWM Bro James Cassidy thanked all the visitors from within & out-with the province of Glasgow for their attendance on Lodge No.275 special day. The meal which followed was simply Devine the 3 courses were expertly delivered to the tables in a timeless manner by the waiting staff. The raffle had many prizes of which I unfortunately did not win. I was in the company of Bro David T Arbuckle PM of Lodge Oatlands No.1005. We both had a most enjoyable day in the company friends & Brethren I would like to thank RWM Bro James Cassidy PM, Office Bearers & Brethren, The Caterers, the Bar Staff & anyone else who helped to make it such a glorious spectacle on the day. I enjoyed it so much I have not got much of a recollection of how I got home. A total of 98 Brethren signed the Tyle. Report by SD Lindsay Wannan


On Wednesday 24th October 2018 we had the pleasure of receiving a very fine and large deputation from Lodge Camelon No.1456, headed on this occasion by their own RWM Brother John Allison who had accepted our invitation to confer the Fellowcraft Degree on one candidate Brother Arn Fullarton. John must be a very proud man indeed as we were all treated to a first class ceremony evident from the silence in the columns which I have no doubt will have left a favourable impression on our newest Fellowcraft. It was also my humble pleasure to confer Honorary Membership on one of our dearest friends, Brother Jimmy Mackie PM No.1456 and everyone at Lodge Carron 139 are delighted and honoured that he accepted. The evening was also made more special by the visit of Brother David Murray RWM Lodge St Clair Glasgow No.326 who gifted the Lodge with a presentation mallet in commemoration of one of their esteemed Past Masters, Brother Ewan Murray OBE K. St. J, as a token of thanks for Lodge Carron conferring a 3rd Degree in June of this year. This will take pride of place in our new display/history cabinet once fitted. All in all a night to remember for all and a huge thanks to everyone involved. Report RWM Tam Meikle


On Tuesday 23rd October 2018 I had the pleasure and indeed privilege of leading a very fine deputation of 13 brethren into Lodge St Margaret's No.548 (South Queensferry) where we all witnessed a thoroughly enjoyable 3rd Degree and it was great to see once again the small differences unique to Lodges in Scottish Freemasonry which make visiting so worthwhile. We were all very warmly welcomed by their RWM Brother John Anderson and all Office Bearers who were delighted to receive us. Our visit was both for pleasure and business the pleasure part was to forge new friendships and support Lodge St Margaret's. The business part was to present their WSW Brother Eric Lister with a token of appreciation from all at Lodge Carron No.139 for the outstanding stone-masonry work Eric completed to the exterior brickwork of our premises during the summer recess. We are indebted to Eric for ensuring that our old building is once again fit for purpose and looking resplendent. A thoroughly enjoyable and successful evening was had by all and I can't thank those enough who took the time to support their Mother Lodge, RWM Bro. John Anderson, Bro. Lister and all at Lodge St Margaret. Report By RWM Tam Meikle


On Wednesday 10th October 2018 Lodge Carron carried out an excellent Entered Apprentice Degree on one Lewis candidate,Brother Arn Fullarton. I wish to sincerely thank the degree team for the manner in how they introduced Arn into his first steps into Freemasonry and his attention to each of the lectures was exemplary. It was wonderful to see the look of sheer pride and joy on the face of Arn's dad, Brother Colin Fullarton as he clothed him with his apron. It was also great to have Brother Scott Ryan from Lodge Callander No.588 deliver the Working Tools as Scott is a very close family friend to both Arn and Colin. As always we at Lodge Carron welcome all our visitors but I would like to make a special mention and thanks to two new friends from south of the border who were making their first visit to a Scottish Lodge in the persons of Brother George Brooks RWM and his son Brother David Brooks PM of Fleetwood Lodge No.3711 E.C. who arrived with Brother James Forsyth SM Lodge Slamannan No.484. I hope we made a good impression on them both. A thoroughly enjoyable evening once again had by all who attended.

Report by Brother Tam Meikle RWM 139 Photo's all by kind permission


On Saturday 29th September 2018 4 Amigos along with 8 other Brethren from Lodge Carron 139 were at the 150th rededication ceremony of Lodge St John Slamannan No.484 held in the premises of Lodge Zetland No.391 where a deputation of 27 Office Bearers from the PGL of Stirlingshire headed by the RWPGM Bro Alastair T. Marshal and a deputation of 22 Office Bearers fro the GLofS headed by the RWSGM Bro Hugh Clelland we’re welcomed into the Lodge by the RWM Bro Derek Watson. The rededication ceremony was conducted with dignity and decorum to a very high standard by the office bearers of the GLofS. At the conclusion of the rededication ceremony we made our was to Grangemouth Town Hall for an excellent meal and speech’s. The Brethren of St John Slamannan No.484 then proceeded in getting the hall ready for the dance. On behalf of the 12 members of Lodge Carron No.139 I would like to thank RWM Bro Derek Watson, PMs, Office Bearers & Brethren for creating a wonderful day which was highly organised to a very high standard. We would also thank you for the excellent gifts given to us and indeed to all who came to the celebration dinner. It was good to meet our many friends from Lodge No.484 and from within and outwith the province of Stirlingshire. From the RWM Bro Tam Meikle, PMs, Office Bearers & Brethren of Lodge Carron No.139 we congratulate you on reaching this milestone of 150 years of Freemasonry and we wish you all the very best for the near future and indeed the next 150 years. Thank you LODGE St JOHN SLAMANNAN No.484 we had a great day in you company. Report by SD Lindsay Wannan


On Saturday 22nd September 2018 along with 15 Brethren from Lodge Abercromby No.531 we sojourned up to the North East to the granite city to Lodge St Machar No.54 where we were very warmly welcomed into the Lodge by the RWM Bro Joshua Masson, PMs Office Bearers & Brethren. Lodge Abercromby were there to carry out an exemplification of the EA Degree on one substitute candidate the conferring master was Bro Christopher Stewart IPM and a first class job he done as did all the Office Bearers carry out the degree to a very high standard. The hospitality which followed was second to none I even won two prizes in the raffle. I really enjoyed myself in the company of the Brethren of Lodge Abercromby No.531 and have made new friends. I would like to thank PM Bro Robert Stewart Treas for inviting me and RWM Bro David Stewart for allowing me the privilege of being part of a very fine deputation. Report SD Lindsay Wannan


On Friday 21st September 2018 the four Amigos Bro Jim Macaulay WSW, Bro George Mawhinnie WJW, Bro Alan Baxter and I visited my Affiliate Lodge Corkerhill No.1426 where we were very warmly welcomed into the lodge by the Acting RWM Bro John Welsh PM, PMs, Office Bearers and Brethren the Degree was a MM Degree on Bro Kenny Parks the Degree was carried out by the Wardens from within and out with the Province of Glasgow our two wardens from Lodge Carron participated in the degree work WJW Bro Mawhinnie did a first class rendition of the emblems as did WSW Bro Jim Macaulay who done a first class rendition of the secrets. In fact all the wardens did a first class job. At the conclusion of the degree we were invited to partake in lodge hospitality which was excellent as usual.                      Report SD Lindsay Wannan


On Friday 14th September 2018 the Brethren of Lodge Carron had the great pleasure of conferring the MMM degree at The Brigdeton and Glasgow Shamrock and Thistle Lodge No.275. We were warmly welcomed into the lodge by our dear friend RWM Bro.Jim Cassidy, HM of our Mother Lodge. On this evening we were headed by PM Bro. William C Campbell and the deputation were all in agreement that it was a great privilege to be part of his deputation. The degree team carried out the work of the evening to the satisfaction of RWM Jim Cassidy and the Brethren assembled and at the close of the meeting RWM Cassidy thanked Lodge Carron 139 for their work and invited all to remain for some Lodge No.275 hospitality, which was greatly received by the Brethren. At the close of the evening fraternal greetings were warmly exchanged. I would also like to take the opportunity to personally thank the following Brethren for their support on Friday night. PM Willie Campbell, WJW George Mawhinnie, Sec. Kenny MacLennan,SD Lindsay Wannan,BB Allan Baxter,SB Ian Thomson,D of M Dougie Thomson,Bro Drew Reid. Report submitted by WSW Jim MacAulay.


On Tuesday 11th September 2018 I was part of a deputation from my affiliate lodge, Lodge Corkerhill 1426, when we visited Lodge Larchgrove 1518 where we were warmly welcomed into the Lodge by the Acting RWM Bro Alan Paterson, PMs, Office Bearers & Brethren. The Degree was expertly carried out by all and the and at the end of the ceremony, RWM Bro David Welsh Welsh thanked his Degree first team for a first class rendition of the F.C. Degree which was duly reciprocated. The deputation then retired from the lodge for some very fine hospitality where a very pleasant evening was spent in the company of the Brethren of Lodge Larchgrove 1518. Report submitted on behalf of Brother Lindsay Wannan SD.


On Friday 7th September 2018 I as SD of my Affiliated lodge, Lodge Corkerhill No.1426 took part in a FC Degree on one candidate Bro Steven Cook who was instructed in the degree work by the office bearers of Lodge Corkerhill No.1426. On entering the lodge this evening all brethren and visitors were warmly welcomed into the lodge by the RWM Bro David Welsh PM, PMs, Office Bearers and Brethren. The degree was expertly carried out to a very high standard by the office bearers of the lodge with a candidate who was very attentive. At the conclusion of the degree RWM Bro David Welsh PM came on to the floor to be the first to meet and greet Lodge Corkerhill’s newest FC Freemason. RWM Bro Robert R Steven of Lodge Govandale No.437 replied on behalf of the visiting brethren. At the conclusion of the meeting RWM Bro David Welsh invited everyone to stay behind for some lodge hospitality which was excellent fare. It was nice to meet old friends and hopefully made some new ones it was particularly nice to meet Bro Tony Martin PM of The Caledonian Lodge of Uganda No.1389 Report by SD Lindsay Wannan


On Thursday 6th September 2018 3 Amigos Bro George Mawhinnie WJW, Bro Alan Baxter BB, Bro Charlie Macvicar Stan B & Myself sojourned across the water to the Kingdom of Fife to visit Lodge St John Tulliallan 598 where we were very warmly welcomed into the Lodge by RWM Bro Michael McPake, PMs, Office Bearers & Brethren. Before the degree commenced we held a minutes silence for departed merit for HM of Lodge St. John Tulliallan 598 Bro John Niven PM of Lodge St Andrews 25 We witnessed an excellent FC Degree on one candidate Bro Stewart Robertson who was very attentive during the degree work which was carried out to a very high standard. At the conclusion of the degree RWM Bro Michael McPake came down to the level and welcomed the lodges newest EA amongst us in the shape of Bro Stewart Robertson who was an excellent candidate. He asked Bro Les Langham DM of Lodge St John Falkirk 16 to speak on behalf of the visitors. Bro Les thanked RWM Bro McPake for the very warm welcome all the visitors received on entering the lodge.. Bro John Niven WSW of Lodge St Andrews 25 for the cards, flowers & messages of sympathy on the death of his father which was greatly appreciated by him and the family it was very touching in how high regard his father was held in by all the Brethren at Lodge St John Tulliallan 598 the lodge was then closed and we were invited to partake in lodge hospitality which was excellent fare to the lodges usual standard. It was a very good meeting were we met our very good friends.A total of 33 Brethren signed the Tyle. Report SD Brother Lindsay Wannan



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