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Day, Month/Date/Year Degree Comments 7:30pm Tyle unless stated  
Wednesday January 9th 2019  Reg-1st-Deg RWM & OB's
Wednesday January 23rd 2019  Reg-2nd-Deg RWM & OB's
Thursday January 31st 2019 Reg-2nd-Deg  RWM & OB's at Lodge No.312 
Wednesday February 13th 2019  Reg-2nd-Deg RWM & OB's
Wednesday February 27th 2019  Reg-1st-Deg RWM & OB's
Friday 8th March 2019 Reg-3rd-Deg RWM & OB's at Lodge No.884 Glencoe    
Wednesday March 13th 2019  Reg-2nd-Deg RWM & OB's Lodge No.46 Auchterarder
Wednesday March 27th 2019  Reg-3rd-Deg RWM & OB's
Friday 29th March 2019 Reg-1st-Deg RWM & OB's at Lodge No.1426 Glasgow
Wednesday April 10th 2019  Reg-1st-Deg RWM & OB's PGL Visit 7:15pm Tyle
Wednesday April 24th 2019 Reg-3rd-Deg PM's of the Lodge
Recess Recess Recess
Wednesday September 11th 2019 Reg-Mark-Deg RWM & OB's
Wednesday September 25th 2019 Reg-1st-Deg RWM & OB's
Wednesday October 9th 2019 Reg-2nd-Deg RWM & OB's
Wednesday October 23rd 2019 Reg-2nd-Deg RWM & OB's
Wednesday November 13th 2019 Reg-3rd-Deg RWM & OB's Nominations
Wednesday November 27th 2019 Reg-3rd-Deg RWM & OB's Elections
Friday December 13th 2019 Installation Installing Masters TBA 7:00pm Tyle
Friday December 27th 2019 TBA Reg-Mark-Deg  



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