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  • From-Heads of Scottish Masonic Orders To Combined Home Membership Joint Message Regarding Phased Return to Masonic Meetings Dear Sir and Brother 

    The Heads of Scottish Masonic Orders met on Wednesday 9 June 2021, and discussed in general the United Kingdom's emergence from lockdown, with particular focus on the Scottish Governments strategic framework designed to facilitate a phased return to normality. A detailed and productive dialogue noted the apparent improving health situation and effective vaccination programme being delivered to Scottish communities. It was further noted that Masonic premises were once again open to patrons as licenced premises and a recent meeting of Grand Committee of the Grand Lodge of Scotland had agreed that Masonic buildings could be accessed and used by third party organisations, in strict compliance with social distancing guidelines. Following extensive discussion, and providing there is no negative change to the current circumstances, the Heads of Orders were unanimous in the view Masonic activity may resume in the early Autumn, 2021 In reaching this very positive decision, it was acknowledged that attendance at Masonic meetings would be restricted by Government guidelines and legislation pertaining to size of premises and social distancing limitations in force at the material time. This will place an initial constraint on some Masonic Orders ability to meet, particularly those Orders with traditionally larger attendance numbers. 

    The Heads of Orders will meet again on Wednesday 11 August 2021 to confirm the aforementioned and a further update will be circulated at that time and prior to Autumn, 2021. Yours Sincerely and Fraternally William M S Semple Grand Secretary 



  • DEAR BROTHER SECRETARIES,                      Just a wee reminder that the price for the Provincial Grand Lodge lottery is still £12 for the year and that the draws will be at each Quarterly Communication. Hope all is well with the Brethren of your Lodges and that we will soon be able to get back together again. Yours sincerely and fraternally, Bro. Ronald Hay PGL Secretary                                    
  • PGL of STIRLINGSHIRE Lodge Carron No.139 Dear Brother Kenneth, as you will probably know the 275 Lottery has come to an end, but Provincial Grand Lodge has decided if the Brethren wish, to continue with a Charity Lottery. It will run along the same lines as the 275 with 4 prizes being drawn at each Quarterly Communication but at the end of the year whatever monies are left being donated to Charity. I do hope  your Brethren will give this your support      and if any other Brother wishes to join, they will be allocated a number. Could I ask that  your Brother Treasurer takes the names and monies and pass this on to the Provincial Grand Treasurer, if possible, could all names and monies be in by 19th of January 2021, Yours sincerely & fraternally, Bro. Ronald Hay PGL Secretary                                                                      Update from the Grand Lodge of Scotland  Question: Will Grand Lodge give all Lodges a year without paying annual fees?
  • Answer: Is No. first, that would require a motion to be placed in front of Grand Lodge and there will be no meeting of Grand Lodge this year. We would ask that the Brethren continue to pay their Test Fees as normal. Each Lodge pays an annual Capitation Fee of £33 per member to Grand Lodge. In the majority of Lodges but not all, that amount is included in the annual Test Fee. It is important therefore that Brethren continue to pay their Test Fee in order that the Lodge receives its portion and that Provincial or District Lodges receive their portion. We do acknowledge and appreciate that there may be individual Brethren who, as a result of Covid-19 are experiencing extreme hardship. It is expected that the Lodge, the Province or District and Grand Lodge would all pull together to assist Brethren and their families who experience such hardship but for the vast majority we would ask that they support their Lodge in particular, Freemasonry in general by paying their annual dues.                              

  • RWM Brother Jim MacAulay, PMs, OBs and Brethren of the Lodge take the opportunity to congratulate RWPGM Brother Gordon Sewell and his Commission Officebearers to their new posts at the PGL of Stirlingshire and wish them every future success.
  • MEMO from MWGMM                            Dear Sir and Brother, Law 126 of the Constitution and Laws Please communicate to the Lodge Secretaries in your Provinces, Districts, Superintendent's, at the Communication of the Grand Lodge of Scotland held on the 6th February 2020 the following was approved. "That the provisions of the third paragraph of Law 126 of the Constitution and Laws of the Grand Lodge of Scotland be suspended for a period of one year from the 6th February 2020 and that during this period of one year the payment required to restore a Brother to qualified membership shall be the annual contribution payable for the current year only.” Yours sincerely and fraternally William Ramsay McGhee            Grand Master Mason 

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