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                     PGL of STIRLINGSHIRE NEWS DESK 2020


  • RWM Brother Jim MacAulay, PMs, OBs and Brethren of the Lodge take the opportunity to congratulate RWPGM Brother Gordon Sewell and his Commission Officebearers to their new posts at the PGL of Stirlingshire and wish them every future success.
  • Memo from MWGMM Dear Sir and Brother, Law 126 of the Constitution and Laws Please communicate to the Lodge Secretaries in your Provinces, Districts, Superintendent's, at the Communication of the Grand Lodge of Scotland held on the 6th February 2020 the following was approved. "That the provisions of the third paragraph of Law 126 of the Constitution and Laws of the Grand Lodge of Scotland be suspended for a period of one year from the 6th February 2020 and that during this period of one year the payment required to restore a Brother to qualified membership shall be the annual contribution payable for the current year only.” Yours sincerely and fraternally  William Ramsay McGhee Grand Master Mason 
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