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To Lodge Carron No.139 Members and our Visitors

Next Meeting

Wednesday 11th Sept 2019 Mark Master Mason

RW Master 


Stuart Stirling


Masonic Hall, 234 Main St. Sten/muir by Larbert

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Brethren, please note: the Funeral of Brother Craig Kirk will be at Falkirk Crematorium on Saturday 24th August at 11:15am. 

Brethren, the family of Craig have been consulted and are happy for those attending to wear Lodge ties as a mark of respect to Brother Craig.  There will also be an apron laid on his coffin. My thanks to PM David Duncan who has been liaising with Craig's family / friends on these matters.

Kenny MacLennan




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This is the Official Website of Lodge Carron 139 if you have any comments for the benefit of this Website or our Lodge in general. Contact alanbreid47@gmail.com (Lodge Webmaster)



As the first half of the session as RWM has drawn to a close I would like to thank everyone at Lodge Carron for their support and encouragement during my time in office as RWM and look forward to working with you all after the recess. RWM Brother Stuart Stirling

**************************************************************************** As the first half of the session is closed and the Lodge goes into recess until September I would like to thank all on behalf of the Lodge Website for your kind comments and support throughout the last year and look forward to keeping the website updated throughout the recess. Lodge Webmaster Brother Alan B Reid PM      

**************************************************************************** As previously mentioned as the first half of the session is closed we would like to thank everyone at Lodge Carron for their support and encouragement during our time as Secretary and Treasurer and look forward to carrying out our duties during the close season wishing you all a happy recess. Lodge Secretary Brother Kenneth Maclennan & Lodge Treasurer Brother Andrew Paterson


As the first half of the season as Lodge Almoner draws to a close I would like to take the opportunity to thank the families of the ill/bereaved of Brethren/Widows for their kind hospitality on my visitations to their respective homes/hospital.

Lodge Almoner Brother Charlie Macvicar


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