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Sunday 3rd December 2023





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Brethren, PLEASE NOTE: PM's & OB's that we are having an Enquiry Meeting on Monday 4th December at 7pm followed by a GCM DRESS CODE: COLLAR & TIE..............Brother Kenneth Maclennan Lodge Secretary

RWM Brother George Mawhinnie, PM's, OB's and Brethren of Lodge Carron No.139 congratulate Brother John McKenzie Past Provincial Grand Master of Stirlingshire on being elevated to the position of Right Worshipful Substitute Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Scotland by Brother Dr. Joseph J.Morrow Most Worshipful Grand Master Mason CVOCBEKStJKCDLFRSE on Thursday 30th November 2023 and wish him a very happy and successful term in office.  


                    Young and New Mason's Launch Event Postponed

Due to circumstances outwith our control we have had to postpone the Young and New Masons launch event until June 2024. If you have already purchased tickets for the event those tickets will be honoured for the re-scheduled event in the summer of 2024. If you would like a refund, please contact the Grand Lodge finance department on 0131-718 4995.  Details on the re-scheduled event to follow.

The Grand Lodge of Scotland ****96 George Street, EH2 3DH, Edinburgh






The Annual Burns Supper will take place within the lodge premises on Saturday 27th January 2024 6.00pm for 6.30pm price £15 SD Brother Allan Baxter informs me that 73 tickets have been booked if you require tickets please contact: SD Brother Allan Baxter                                                  





The Annual Draw will take place within the lounge on Sunday 17th December at 2pm can all make sure that their books are returned in a timely manner, and a request for raffle prizes to be donated which would be greatly appreciated. 




The Annual Childrens Xmas Party will take place on Sunday 17th December from 2pm-4pm a sheet has been placed on the Lodge Notice Board for members. Please append your name 





At the request od RWIM Brother Stuart Stirling PM is to remind ALL Officebearers of Lodge Carron No.139 to make sure that their Jewel of Office has been deposited within the Lodge 1 WEEK before the Installation. As we have a GCM on Monday 4th December 7pm it would be helpful also if you could bring along your Lodge Jewel.




LODGE ALMONER: CHARLIE MACVICAR  charliemacvicar@hotmail.com 

Wednesday 22nd November Lodge Almoner

Almoners Report See Lodge Almoners News Desk Page 


Brethren, as Lodge Almoner I am available to help any  Brother /Widow who may require assistance. Please do not hesitate you can contact me at the above email address. The Almoner can only help if you keep him informed for any assistance/visit that may be required.

LODGE SECRETARY: KENNETH MACLENNAN lodgecarron139@yahoo.co.uk 

Monday 27th November Lodge Secretary

Brethren, the Bonus Ball for Saturday was No.49 the winner is Lodge Tyler Iain Rae who wins £100 congratulations.


Thursday 23rd November Lodge Secretary

The next meeting of the lodge is the Annual Installation to be held on Friday 8th December at 7.00pm RWM Elect Brother George Mawhinnie is looking forward to welcome members and visitors who will be in attendance on the evening.


Tuesday 7th November Lodge Secretary

The next meeting of the Lodge General Committee will be held  on Monday 4th December at 7.00pm RWM Brother George Mawhinnie requests the attendance of all PMs & OB's.............. 

Business: Previous Minutes, Committee Discussions, & AOCB

PGLS:RWPGM GORDON W.S. SEWELL                  PGLS SECRETARY: RONNIE HAY                            ronnie.hay391@gmail.com

!NEW! Thursday 1st December MWGMM                                       Weekly Report See MWGMM Report Page


Friday 18th August PGL Secretary

425th Anniversary Rededication – Saturday 9th March 2024 Lodge Ancient Stirling No.30 See GL/PGLS News Desk Page

CARRON ROYAL ARCH CHAPTER No.478        SCRIBE "E" PZ DAVID DUNCAN                carron478scribe@gmail.com

Monday 27th November Scribe "E" David Duncan
Dear Companions, due to unavoidable circumstances, Gray Buchanan RAC, No.502, have been granted dispensation to cancel their December and January convocations and are in the process of revising their bye-laws to reflect this alteration. As the January convocation was due to be their PGRAC visitation, this will now be held at their Regular Convocation on the 6th of FebruaryPlease amend your syllabus accordingly. Yours Aye Colin C.A. Arthur Provincial Grand Scribe Ezra PGRAC of Stirling & Clackmannan


Tuesday 7th November  Scribe "E" David Duncan 

Provincial Grand Royal Arch Chapter annual visit on Thursday 7th December 7.30pm RA Chapter Officebearers are requested to wear Black and White, MEZ Paul Garrett extends a warm welcome to all Companions.


Sunday 24th September  Scribe "E" David Duncan

PGRAC Syllabus See RAC No.478 Syllabus Page


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