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     Senior Warden

      Jim MacAulay


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      Stuart Stirling


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  George Mawhinnie                

Photos by kind permission 

                   LODGE CARRON 139 NEWS DESK 2019 

Report Friday 22nd February 2019


Lodge Secretary Kenneth Maclennan

  • On Thursday 21st February 2019 Bro.George Mawhinnie WJW, Bro.Alan Baxter IG, Bro.Lindsay Wannan SD along with IPM Bro.Tam Meikle 139, Bro.George Meikle No.598, Bro.Charlie MacVicar Alm No.139 and Bro.Arn Fullerton MM No.139 visited Lodge St Clair Glasgow No.362 where we were very warmly welcomed into the Lodge by the RWM Bro.Tam Scobbie, PMs, Office Bearers & Brethren also warmly welcomed into the Lodge was a deputation of 14 Brethren from Lodge St Andrew Denny & Loanhead No.176 headed by their RWM Bro Archie Young McKay the degree was a FC on one candidate Bro.Stewart who was expertly guided through the Degree by the Honorary Members of Lodge St Clair Glasgow No.362 to a very high standard. At the conclusion of the meeting RWM Bro Tam Scobbie invited all to stay behind for some lodge hospitality which was first class. It was good to meet our many friends and Brethren from the Provinces of Glasgow/Stirlingshire. Report SD Bro.Lindsay Wannan

Report 10th September 2018 (Update)


Nicol Scobbie Provincial Grand Lodge Secretary

  • Will take place on Friday 26th April 2019 at the premises of Lodge Callendar No.588 Lint Riggs Falkirk at 7.30pm

Report Saturday 16th February 2019


Lodge Secretary Kenneth Maclennan

  • Brethren, we have been invited to confer the Master Mason degree at the above Lodge on Friday 8th March 2019.The RWM is our own John Docherty so I hope we can muster a good turnout to support RWM Stuart Stirling & RWM John Docherty. Can you let me know by return of e-mail if you; 
  • a) Intend to travel in your own transport. 
  • b) Intend to travel and would like transport (a bus will be hired if numbers are sufficient, if not we  will car share) times of pick-ups/bus will be announced in good time.

Report Thursday 14th February 2019


Lodge Secretary Kenneth Maclennan 

  • RWM,Office Bearers and Brethren of  Lodge Carron No.139 may I once again call upon your Lodge to donate to the above appeal as the charities who receive the eggs greatly appreciate the donations from the combined Lodges,last years appeal raised a very handsome sum with your support. PM Donny Wright Lodge Camelon No.1456.
  • At the Regular meeting of Lodge Carron 139 held on Wednesday 13th February 2019 it was proposed and seconded to support this very worthy cause. Donny Wright PM Lodge Camelon No.1456 suitably replied and thanked the Lodge for their continued support.

Report Thursday 14h February 2019


Lodge Secretary Kenneth Maclennan 

  • RWM Brother Stuart Stirling welcomed a large turnout of members and visitors into Lodge Carron 139 on Wednesday 13th February 2019 the Fellowcraft Degree was carried out by the RWM and his Office -Bearers on one candidate in a very dignified and exemplary manner. At the close of the meeting RWM Brother Stirling invited all to remain behind and accept Lodge hospitality.  

Report Thursday 14h February 2019


Lodge Secretary Kenneth Maclennan 

  • Dear Sir and Brother, at the regular communication of the Provisional Grand Lodge of Stirlingshire at Lodge Ladywell 1474 on Tuesday 29th January 2019 I announced that it was my intention to have a joint charity with all of the 23 sister lodges to raise money for Strathcarron Hospice. I am sure all lodges have had some association with Strathcarron, whether it be through the lodge or maybe closer to home. I would suggest that your lodge could have a games night, bingo, whisky tasting or whatever you decide. I would like to set a target of £10,000 and would hope that the cheque could be presented in early May of this year. Strathcarron Hospice is in our province and like my mother lodge I am sure many of the sister lodges have already donated to this cause but it would be a great gesture if the 23 lodges could come together to raise a larger sum. We all know the love and care given to everyone in Strathcarron Hospice and I await on your hopefully positive response. Yours fraternally Brother Leonard McComb PM Lodge St John, Slammanan No.484

Report Monday 11th February 2019


Lodge Secretary Kenneth Maclennan 

  • Brethren as Brother Michael Grover PM has retired as chairman our Past PGM Brother John McKenzie has agreed to convene the Bowls Competition this year and assume this will meet with every Brothers approval. The venue this year will take place under Lodge Killearn No.1419 and will be held at Balfron Bowling Club. The Competition will take place on Sunday 4th August 2019 starting at 9:00am each Lodge is invited to enter a team of four players per rink (cost £40.00 per team) if there is any rinks not filled it will be possible Lodges can enter a second team if they wish at cost of £40.00. 

Report Sunday 10th February 2019


PGL Secretary Nicol Scobbie

  • The AGM and Installation of Elective Office Bearers of the PGL Stirlingshire will take place on Saturday 23rd February 2019 at the Masonic Temple, 5 Lint Riggs, Falkirk FK1 1DG premises of Lodge Callendar No.588 1:00pm Tyle.

Report Saturday 2nd February 2019


Report by Lodge IPM Brother Tam Meikle on behalf of Lodge Carron 139 Almoner/Std Br Brother Charlie McVicar

  • Brother Charlie MacVicar Almoner/Std. B. & Brother WJW George Mawhinnie Lodge Carron No.139 on Saturday 2nd February 2019 visited Lodge St. Andrew No.176 (Denny & Loanhead) Installation of RWM Elect Brother Archie Young Mackay) and his officebearers  were warmly welcomed into Lodge St. Andrew No.176 (Denny & Loanhead) by RWM, PM’s & office bearers. We witnessed an excellent and emotional installation by the Installing Masters Brother Archibald Mackay PM No.176, PM Hon. Grand Sword Bearer on his son RWM Elect. What a outstanding installation of office bearers by Installing Master Brother Kevin J. McLean PM No.176 PG Standard Bearer a true  gentleman one of the best installation in my opinion that I have seen in years, it brought tears to my eyes to see father placing his son in the chair of King Solmon. RWM Brother Archie Young Mackay must have been a very proud man of his installing Masters and his new office bearers and the turnout for his Installation the number who signed the book was 133 a brilliant day thanks Lodge St. Andrew No.176 (Denny & Loanhead) can’t wait till next year 2020 will put a few photos of the day on our Lodge website with permission from everyone present.                        PHOTOS AT THE LODGE EVENTS PAGE

Report Sunday 27th January 2019


Lodge Secretary Kenneth Maclennan

  • Brethren the Lodge now has an Almoner in the person of Brother Gordon Charlie McVicar if any Brother knows of a Brother who is ill or may be in hospital could you please contact him to either arrange a visit or by other means of contact via the Lodge Secretary Kenneth Maclennanan or any Brother of the Lodge and they will be able to pass the information on to the Lodge Almoner.    

Report Thursday 17th January 2019


Lodge Secretary Kenneth Maclennan

  • The Lodge is delighted to announce/celebrate the 70th forthcoming anniversary of being admitted into Lodge Carron 139 Brother Peter Henderson a very momentous occasion and great achievement by Brother Peter who still attends his Mother Lodge on a regular basis further information will appear soon.

Report Tuesday 15th January (Update) 


Lodge Secretary Kenneth Maclennan

  • At a General Committee Meeting of the Lodge it was agreed Saturday 9th March 2019 to hold a Retired Members & Partners treat within the Lodge premises arrive 2.00pm for 2.30pm seating. Please reply to the Lodge Secretary Kennth Maclennan either by email or telephone to let him know if you are coming and who you are bringing along. Transport can be arranged if required.

Report Sunday 6th January 2019


Lodge Secretary Kenneth Maclennan

  • A booklet has been prepared and sent to all Lodges by the Grand Lodge of Scotland. Their thoughts is that this should be presented to all new candidates. The Lodge has now obtained the booklets. 

Report Sunday 6th January 2019 (Update)


Lodge Secretary Kenneth Maclennan

  • A quote has been received from Ableworld for a stair lift. The project is work in progress and is a long term aspiration. The Lodge is also looking for quotes on a passenger lift. Any Brother who has information or knowledge in this field. Contact the Lodge Secretary 

Report Sunday 30th December 2018 


Lodge Secretary Kenneth Maclennan

  • The Lodge Syllabus has now been updated to reflect all degrees at present if other degrees become available the Syllabus Chart will be reflected and changed accordingly.

Report Monday 24th December 2018


Nicol Scobbie Provincial Grand Lodge Secretary

  • Brethren - Provincial Grand Almoner and I have established a small store of the above named consisting of crutches, zimmers etc., which are available to members of the Province in the unfortunate position that someone might need them for a broken leg or similar. They are available from Brother Ralph PGL Almoner or myself PGL Secretary. Please advise your membership.         

Report 6th September 2018


Nicol Scobbie Provincial Grand Lodge Secretary   

  • Brethren - please be advised that the Installation of Lodge Loch Lomond No.1483 will now take place on Saturday 6th April 2019 at 5.00pm and not Saturday 27th October 2018. Please amend all your records, diaries etc accordingly. 

BONUS BALL                                         

  • Members of the Bonus Ball lottery have decided to have a monthly draw instead of weekly. The draw will take place on the last Saturday of each calendar month. The Lodge winners have been updated.  
  • Brethren at a monthly meeting held on Monday 9th May 2017 the Lodge Carron 139 Bonus Ball Weekly Draw was discussed which you may not be aware of is one of the Lodge's regular source of income throughout the year. I am fully aware that we all have many other financial committments but may I appeal to any Past Master, Office-Bearer or Brother alike who are not yet members of the Bonus Ball to consider joining. The cost is £5.00 per month which can be paid STANDING ORDER details can be obtained from Treasurer Andy Paterson his email andy.p9@virginmedia.com LODGE BONUS BALL PAGE 

Report 8th August 2018

BAR LICENSE                                                      

Lodge Secretary Kenneth Maclennan

  • Brethren, a bar license for the Lodge was granted at a recent Falkirk Licensing board meeting.The license has been simplified and if required we can open the bar Wednesday to Saturday from 12 noon to 12 Midnight. A full summary of the changes will be placed in the bar area. If you have an upcoming social event why not have it in the Lounge or Hall? Contact our Lodge Secretary Kenneth Maclennan for further details.


  • On Wednesday 12th December 2018 visit to  Lodge Polmont No.793  
  • On Tuesday 20th November 2018 visit to  Lodge Zetland No.391 
  • On Friday 16th November 2018 visit to  Lodge Corkerhill No.1426  
  • On Saturday 3rd November 2018 visit to  The Bridgeton & Glasgow, Shamrock & Thistle Lodge No.275. Re-dedication Ceremony 

DEFIBRILLATOR                                                Lodge Carron 139 has purchased and installed a defibrillator within the Lodge premises. Thanks also must go to Provincial Grand Lodge of Stirlingshire  who have met 50% of the cost.                            

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