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                          ALL LODGE MEETINGS CANCELLED


           W.S.W.        George Mawhinnie


       Jim MacAulay


     Lindsay Wannan                

Photos by kind permission 

  • PM/PZ Walter Richardson and his good lady Fiona wish to pass on their sincere thanks and gratitude to those Brethren and Companions representing Lodge Carron No.139 and Carron RAC No.478 (RWM/EC Jim MacAulay, PM/PZ David Duncan, PM/PZ Tam Meikle, Bro./Comp. Drew Reid and Bro. James McFarlane) who, by their own personal choosing, marked their respect for the dearly departed Excellent Companion and Past Master Neil George earlier this morning. RIP 26/03/2020                         


  • Installation RWPGM (elect)                   Brother Gordon Sewell                                 Brethren, it will come as no surprise to anyone that the above event is cancelled until further notice. There is the usual speculation about dates etc, but this is exactly what it is. No one knows. Best we can all do is check the National News and emails from PGL Fraternal regards,    Nicol Scobbie Provincial Grand Secretary


  • GRAND LODGE of SCOTLAND                      96 George Street Edinburgh                            Vacancy for the position of Grand Secretary apply to the above address for all details of the appointment.                                                   

  • Memo from the MWGMM Dear Sir and Brother, Law 126 of the Constitution and Laws, Please communicate to the Lodge Secretaries in your Provinces, Districts, Superintendent's, at the Communication of the Grand Lodge of Scotland held on the 6th February 2020 the following was approved. "That the provisions of the third paragraph of Law 126 of the Constitution and Laws of the Grand Lodge of Scotland be suspended for a period of one year from the 6th February 2020 and that during this period of one year the payment required to restore a Brother to qualified membership shall be the annual contribution payable for the current year only.” Yours sincerely and fraternally  William Ramsay McGhee Grand Master Mason              

  • FURTHER INFORMATION WILL APPEAR HERE The Brethren of Lodge Carron No139 are looking forward to the visit of the Brethren from Canada in September headed by Brother Ian MacKenzie PM, further details of the visit will appear here.
  • On behalf of Brother Nicol Scobbie PM Lodge Zetland No.391 HM Lodge Carron No.139 PGL of Stirlingshire Secretary would like to take the opportunity to thank all the Brethren from the Lodge for their attendance and support at Lodge Zetland on Tuesday 4th February 2020 on the occasion of him receiving Honorary Grand Rank of Senior Deacon this is very much appreciated by Nicol.    
  • PGL Ties, Brethren these are now available, from me at the cost of £10.00 each. Please advise your membership accordingly. They are both Clip-on or Standard. Please also note that they are only available until the end of 2020, with the logo of the 275th date. They will then revert back to a plain Provincial Tie which of course enhances the uniqueness of the item. I will have a supply of both at the remaining Visitations and the next Regular. Nicol Scobbie Provincial Grand Secretary.
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