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Burns Cottage Alloway
Burns Cottage Alloway
Burns Cottage Alloway
Burns Cottage Alloway  

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Secretary's Lodge Carron No.139 Update Report:

Brethren, I hope you all have had a good Christmas and are looking forward to a prosperous New Year. I thought I'd take the time to update you on a few things that are happening behind the scenes and to try and keep you informed of events. The Christmas draw was a complete sell out of the 1000 tickets and the Lodge benefited by just over £500. Your very generous donations of prizes and purchasing of tickets made this possible. Many thanks to all Brethren for this. The rear of the Lodge has been cleaned thanks to Brother Chaplain Donald Cowan removing the wood and Brother Almoner Charlie MacVicar and his son removing the fridge/freezer. I took an old hoover and broken radio the the Roughmute dump. PM Stuart Stirling took several black bags of waste away. There are still three spare plastic bins (2 x small and1 normal size 240L) these are not required by the Lodge so if any brother wishes to take them please contact me. We gave away several stained old tables and plastic chairs to Dunvegan home which is next to the Lodge. We had issues with storing these and our recent fire assessment dictated that they be moved from the Electrical cupboard. So we are now compliant on that action. Dunvegan are always grateful for any useful donations
I met with PM Walter Richardson and his son Piper Gavin Richardson on New Years eve and Gavin made good on his recent promise to loan me a top down scanner after I'd told him I'd scanned the old minute books using a standard photocopier. The top down scanner is much more appropriate and will save hours scanning other Lodge documents. Best of all Piper Gavin then told me he was donating the scanner to the Lodge. What a fine gesture and a great benefit to the Lodge. The heating has improved with the radiators being refurbished during the Temple work. JD Allan Baxter found and fixed a leak in a pipe joint near the Ladies toilet and that wall has been dry since he repaired the leak. However the system pressure still falls over time and I've been topping it up monthly.  Yesterday Allan and I added a small dose of a product called  "Sentinel leak sealer" to the system and hopefully this product will find and seal the minor leak we have left. Given the continuing rise in Covid cases the RWM has asked me to seek permission from PGL to cancel our Regular meeting on Wednesday 26th January. I'm sure this will be forthcoming and is a sensible step given the present position with the pandemic. Who knows what the next turn will be? 
Best wishes to you all Kenny MacLennan
Secretary Lodge Carron 139


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