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Lodge Secretary Kenneth Maclennan

  • Brother Secretaries                              Regarding the Fees to Provincial Grand Lodge. There has been an enquiry regarding the above. TO CLARIFYThe Lodges would normally pay £50 to cover the fees for the RW Master, I.P.M, W.S.W. W.J.W. and the Lodge. This will now be £25 which breaks down to £5 each. Individual members will pay £5 instead of £10. I hope this clarifies the enquiry Yours sincerely Brother Ronald Hay Provincial Grand Secretary                      
  • Brother Secretaries                                      Just a wee reminder that the price for the Provincial Grand Lodge lottery is still £12 for the year and that the draws will be at each Quarterly Communication. Hope all is well with the Brethren of your Lodges and that we will soon be able to get back together again. Yours sincerely and fraternallyBro. Ronald Hay PGL Secretary                                   
  • Update from the Grand Lodge of Scotland  Question: will Grand Lodge give all Lodges a year without paying Annual Fees?             Answer: No. first, that would require a motion to be placed in front of Grand Lodge and there will be no meeting of Grand Lodge this year. We would ask that the Brethren continue to pay their Test Fees as normal. Each Lodge pays an Annual Capitation Fee of £33 per member to Grand Lodge. In the majority of Lodges but not all, that amount is included in the annual Test Fee. It is important therefore that Brethren continue to pay their Test Fee in order that the Lodge receives its portion and that Provincial or District Lodges receive their portion. We do acknowledge and appreciate that there may be individual Brethren who, as a result of Covid-19 are experiencing extreme hardship. It is expected that the Lodge, the Province or District and Grand Lodge would all pull together to assist Brethren and their families who experience such hardship but for the vast majority we would ask that they support their Lodge in particular, Freemasonry in general by paying their annual dues. 

New Past Masters Board in the East

Brother Secretary Kenneth Maclennan tried out the new fogger machine on Thursday 29th July 2021 at the Lodge. It is very easy to work it only takes a few seconds to spray a room with 100% germ free guarantee including coronavirus. We have to be careful and always wear a mask as the sprayed mist makes you cough easily the room is free to use after 30 minutes. 

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