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                         Annual Poppy Appeal                              Remembrance/ArmisticeDay/War Memorial

On Saturday 1st July 2023 Brethren of Lodge Carron No.139 were given the honour and privelage to lay a wreath on behalf of the fallen at the Bainsford War Memorial. They were headed by RWM Brother George Mawhinnie, WSW Brother Stuart Stirling, WJW Brother Rab Paton, Brother Dougie Thompson, and other Brethren. Photos by kind permission

Today was a wonderful and beautiful day for this time of year Sunday 13th November 2022 and a very important day for our Services and Veterans. We had a busy day with Remembrance Services first one off the day started in the morning at  10.00am at Larbert/Stenhousemuir Dobbie Hall War Memorial, I had the honour of carrying the British Legion flag, which was well turned out by the Community and Lodge Carron No.139 RWM Brother Jim MacAulay laid a wreath on behalf of our Brethren in Freemasonry.


The second Remembrance Service at 11.00am was at Carronshore Heritage Forum again I had the honour of carrying the Royal British Legion flag and yet again was a brilliant turn out by Veterans and the Community of Carronshore. The wreath laying was laid by SD Brother Robert Paton of Lodge Carron No.139 on behalf of RWM and Brethren of the Lodge to remember those Brethren who made the ultimate sacrafice.


I was unable to go to the Bainsford Remembrance Service by I know another excellent turnout by Veterans and the Community of Bainsford as this was the first time the Remembrance Service was being held at the new Memorial Statue. WSW Brother George Mawhinnie laid the wreath on behalf of the RWM and Brethren of Lodge Carron No.139 in remembering those Brethren who made the ultimate sacrifice.


I arrived at 12.00pm for the WW1 Memorial which was at Bonnybridge which began at 12.20pm at the Community car park when I had the honour of marching in the Procession/Parade to the Memorial Garden for the Remembrance Service. Once again it was an outstanding turnout by the Community and the Schools in the area and also the scouts plus a number of Veterans and Dignitaries, congratulations go out to all those that organised these Remembrance Services and the police for making us safe and controlling the Traffic when we are on the road marching . Yet again our thanks goes to the hard work by Councillor William Billy Buchanan and his team of Fiona Buchanan and the Ladies for making our Remembrance Service in Bonnybridge and giving the respect our Service Men and Women plus our Veterans deserve. I am a very proud Ex-Soldier to do my small part on this wonderful occasion.

“Lest we Forget” SMIB..........Pictures of the three locations with permission.

On Remembrance Sunday 13th November 2022 RWM Brother James MacAulay Lodge Carron No.139 in the company of First Principal Companion Paul Garrett Carron Royal Arch Chapter No.478 along with the Brethren of the Lodge and Companions of the Chapter attended the Cenotaph at the Dobbie Hall Stenhousemuir for the Remembrance Parade. Thankyou to each and every one who attended today. LEST WE FORGET RWM Brother Jim MacAulay Photos by kind permission

                               THE UNVEILING OF THE BAINSFORD WAR MEMORIAL

Brethren, it was a great honour to be invited to lay a wreath on behalf of Lodge Carron 139 at the unveiling of the Bainsford War Memorial on Friday 12th June 2020 in the company of RWPGM Brother Gordon Sewell. I would like the opportunity to thank the Provost of Falkirk Brother Robert Bissett for his kind invitation. A special thanks to our FC Brother Robert Stoddart for displaying the Lodge Standard, also a big thankyou to PM Brother Tam Meikle, WSW Brother George Mawhinnie, Almoner Brother Charlie Macvicar,JD Brother Robert Paton for their stewarding of the parade. I would also thank all the Brethren from Lodge Carron No.139 who took the time to assist me. A truly memorable day for all involved. RWM Brother Jim MacAulay. Photos by kind permission

RWM Brother Jim MacAulay laid a wreath at the Cenotaph on behalf of the Brethren of Lodge Carron No.139 and took the opportunity to thank all the Brethren who attended the Remembrance Sunday Parade at the Dobbbie Hall on Sunday 14th November 2021 with a special mention to the Flag & Standard Bearers, Minister, Piper and the Brother Stewards for keeping us safe during the service. Thanks must also go to PM Ian Barron for taking the pictures at the Cenotaph (gratefully received) Photos by kind permission

  • Lodge Almoner Brother Charlie Macvicar 1st ROYAL SCOTS along with other Brethren and on behalf of the Lodge Veterans and Members of the Lodge who were unable to attend this year visited several local Cenotaphs and Monuments to pay their respects to the fallen on REMEMBRANCE DAY Sunday 8th November 2020 visiting the Dobbie Hall Larbert, Royal British Legion Grangemouth, Bonnybridge Monument, etc. Brother Almoner also in the National Newspapers and also has his photo in the Royal Instagram page well worth a visit to that page
  • PM Ian Barron laid a wreath on behalf of the Brethren of Lodge Carron No.139 at the Dobbie Hall Memorial on ARMISTACE DAY Wednesday 11th November 2020 also in the photo were the colours from the British Legion with Brother Neil Clark playing "Flowers o' the Forrest" Photos by kind permission
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