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             Lodge Carron Degree Photo Gallery

On Wednesday 8th February 2023 RWM Brother George Mawhinnie, PM's, and OB's conferred the Master Mason Degree on one Candidate Brother Colin Fullerton who was raised to the high and sublime degree in a dignified and excellent manner. Various visitors from Sister Lodges were present from within and outwith the Province of Stirlingshire. At the close of the meeting RWM Brother Goerge Mawhinnie invited all to remain behind and accept Lodge hospitality.   

On Wednesday 25th January 2023 Lodge Carron conferred the FC degree on one Candidate. Before the degree began Brother Sandy Irvine was presented to the assembled Brethren by Brother Alan B Reid DOC PM on reaching 50 years in Freemasonry. RWM Brother George Mawhinnie accompanied by RWPGM Brother Gordon W.S. Sewell warmly congratulated Brother Irvine on his achievement. RWPGM read out the the certificate to Brother Sandy and to the Brethren. Brother Sandy suitably replied to the RWPGM Brother Gordon Sewell and thanked him for taking the time out and coming along to present him with his certificate, who intimated that he was a very proud man tonight, his father had served 61 years in Lodge Carron No.139 and if he could see him here tonight he would be a proud man, he also thanked RWM Brother George Mawhinnie and the Brethren of the Lodge for this excellent certificate and hoped to have many more good times in Freemasonry. At the conclusion of the Meeting RWM warmly invited all members and visitors to stay behind and accept some Lodge hospitality. Well done to the stewards for looking after everyone on the evening.Report by Brother Gordon MacVicar DM photos by kind permission

At a regular meeting of the Lodge held on Wednesday 11th January 2023 within the Lodge premises this photo was taken from a selection of RWM's who attended the Entered Apprentice Degree on the evening. 

On Wednesday 30th N0vember 2022 Brother Jim MacAulay conducted his final meeting as RWM of Lodge Carron No.139 which was a FC degree with a candidate from Lodge Bothwell Brig No.1229 Brother John Hauton. RWM Brother MacAulay also took the opportunity to thank all who had supported him throughout the Covid pandemic and his overall term in office. He also wished the newly elected RWM Brother George Mawhinnie & Office bearers all the very best in the year that lies ahead. Photos by kind permission. 

On Wednesday 9th November 2022 a Regular Meeting of the Lodge took place which was a Master Mason Degre conferred by WSW Brother George Mawhinnie who was on the evening nominated as Master Elect for 2022-2023 and who was a proud man and thanked  his degree team on a degree well delivered. Brother Almoner Charlie MacVicar was the nominated candidate for the evening. Well done to Brethren of Lodge Carron No.139 for looking after our visitors. I am  looking forward to the Annual Installation of the Lodge on Friday 9th December 2022 and if you are free and in good standing please come along and join us in what will be a excellent evening. Almoner No.139 pictures with permission.

Lodge Carron No.139 welcomed Lodge Ladywell No.1474 headed by RWM Brother Russell Scott, PMs & OBs on Wednesday 26th October 2022 when they were invited to confer the Fellowcraft Degree on one candidate. The Lodge alao welcomed RWPGM Brother Gordon WS Sewell and several PGL OBs. At the close of the meeting RWM Brother Jim MacAulay presented 50 year jubilee certificates to Brother's Jim Russell and Stuart Birrell PM. RWM Brother Jim MacAulay also invited Brother Stuart Mclaren Doc PM Lodge Ladywell No.1474 to accept honorary membership of Lodge Carron No.139 which he was delighted and honoured to accept. photos by kind permission

At the Lodge Meeting held on Wednesday 28th September 2022 a Master Mason Degree was conferred on two candidates Brother Rab Stoddart & Brother Tony Rae to a very high standard, present were many visitors from various Lodges within and outwith the Province of Stirlingshire. Brother RWM Georgie McPhee No.963 (Royal Scots) Brother IPM George Watson No.1587 (Royal Scots) and Lodge Almoner Brother Charlie MacVicar (Royal Scots) also RWM Brother Stuart Jeffrey Lodge St. Serfs in the various pictures below, also in the pictures are Brother PM Jim Rae & RWM Brother Jim MacAulay. Photos by kind permission

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