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                         Lodge Visitations P1

On Saturday 18th June 2022 WSW Brother George Mawhinnie and Almoner Brother Charlie MacVicar of Lodge Carron N0.139 visited and support Lanarkshire Middle Ward Provincial Grand Lodge Family BBQ at Lodge No.306 St.Thomas Larkhall, which was well attended by Brethren and families. On arrival we were warmly welcomed by many known friends also in the process making new friends. RWPGM Brother Andrew Millar was with his family who extended us a warm welcome into the Province. RWM Brother Desmond McGowan Lodge Bothwell Brig No.1229, RWM Brother John Jack Cheape St Andrew’s Military No.668 also thanks to RWM Brother Jack for the golf balls and the Mark token (668) also there was the Widows Sons, their bikes were outstanding and their support to this event,my good friend Brother Paddy from Lodge No.1456 and Brother Mark Thomson Dolphin No.911 all had a great time and good luck to them with their fundraising. Photos by kind permission

Visit to Lodge St.Vincent No.553 on the 2nd June 2022, Lodge Almoner Brother Charlie Macvicer, IPM Brother Stuart Stirling, WSW Brother George Mawhinnie and Brother Allan Baxter JD Lodge Carron No.139 visited Lodge St. Vincent Sandyford No. 553 (Glasgow) to support Lodge St. John Slamannan No. 484, conferring the EA Degree, we entered the Temple with Lodge St.John Slamannan and other visitors from other Lodge Deputations. RWM Brother Grainger No.553 welcomed all and warmly greeted us on behalf of his PM’s, Officebearers & Brethren. A deputation from Glasgow Provincial Grand Lodge headed by RWPGM Brother Mutch. We witnessed an outstanding EA degree by IPM Brother Jim Forsyth and his team from Lodge St. John Slamannan. IPM Brother Jim Forsyth was a proud man to be heading such an excellent team and looked forward to meeting them at Lodge St Clair Glasgow No.362 on Thursday 16th June 2022, conferring the FC degree, the hospitality was excellent well done to the stewards for looking after us. Photos with kind permission.

Visit to St. Clair Glasgow No.362 on Thursday 16th June 2022 when I was delighted to be accompanied by Brethren from Lodge Carron N0.139, IPM Brother Stuart Stirling, Substitute Master Brother Willie Campbell PM, Secretary Brother Kenneth Maclennan, Treasurer Brother Garry Edwards, Chaplain Brother Donald Cowan, Almoner Brother Gordon (Charlie) MacVicar, SD Brother Robert Paton, when we witnessed an excellent FC degree conferred by RWM Brother Graham Black Lodge Slamannan St John No.484 and his degree team. I would like to take the opportunity to congratulate both IPM Brother Stuart Stirling Carron No.139 and RWM Brother Graham Black St John Slammanan No.484 on receiving Honorary Membership bestowed upon them by RWM Jim Copeland and the Brethren of Lodge St.Clair Glasgow No.362. Thank you RWM Jim Copeland for the excellent hospitality extended to all. Report by RWM Brother Jim MacAulay. Photos by kind permission

On Tuesday 7th June 2022, Lodge Almoner Brother Charlie Macvicar, WSW Brother George Mawhinnie and Brother Allan Baxter JD Lodge Carron 139 visited Lodge Caldercruix St John 1314 Airdrie and warmly welcomed in to the Temple by RWM Brother Paul McClintock, PM’s,& Office bearers & Brethren, we witnessed a MMM degree conferred  by Lodge 203 Airdrie by RWM Bro Scott Walker and is team, as RWPGM Bro Andrew Millar (middle ward) intimated in his reply, it was an outstanding MMM degree and was great to watch, RWM Bro Scott Walker you can be a proud man your degree team didn’t let you down. The hospitality was excellent and we enjoyed ourselves till we meet again thanks again RWM 1314, for a great night. 


On Wednesday 24th May 2022, Lodge Almoner Brother Charlie Macvicar, WSW Brother George Mawhinnie & Brother Allan Baxter JD Lodge Carron 139, visited Lodge Whifflet St John No.963, to support a FC degree by Lodge St Andrew No.199 Cumbernuald. who conferred an excellent degree. RWM Brother Geordie (William) McPheat, PM’s and Brethren welcomed all into Temple. The hospitality was outstanding and the company was exceptional which allowed us to make new friends. The RWM No.963 was one off my proposer's at our Mother Lodge St Andrew 1601 in 1994 when we were posted to Fort George. I would thank RWM No.963 Brother Georgie McPheat for proposing me into in Freemasonry and I have never looked back. Congratulations on becoming RWM they elected an outstanding Brother.  pictures with kind permission. 

Lodge Almoner Brother Charlie Macvicar accompanied by WSW Brother George Mawhinnie of Lodge Carron No.139 visited on Friday 6th May Lodge Abercromby No.531   They were warmly welcomed into the Lodge by RWM Bro. Ricky McConnell and Brethren. We witnessed an excellent MMM degree by Lodge Zetland N0.391 which was headed by RWM Brother John Russell and a large deputation. It was an outstanding degree and RWM Bro John Russell must have been a very proud man. The hospitality was excellent and we thank the RWM of Lodge Abercromby No.531 and Brethren for an excellent evening 2022











                        VISIT TO LODGE CARRON No.139 from LODGE POLMONT No.793


RWM Brother Jim MacAulay welcomed into the Lodge a large and distinguished deputation from Lodge Polmont No.793 on Friday 29th April 2022 headed by RWM Alan Curr who was ithen nvited to the East. RWM Brother Jim MacAulay tendered the gavel to allow RWM Brother Alan Curr and his degree team to carry out the FC degree on one candidate Brother John Docherty. The degree was carried out in a very competent and dignified manner. At the conclusion of the meeting RWM Alan Curr thanked the Brethren who accompanied him on the visitation to Lodge Carron No.139 he also thanked the degree team for the excellent working of the second degree and commented that they did Lodge Polmont No.793 proud, he also thanked all at Lodge Carron No.139 for the warmth of their welcome and their kind hospitality. Once again RWM Alan Curr commented to all, to have a great summer and  is looking forward to seeing all again in SeptemberRWM Brother Alan Curr No.793


                                          VISIT TO LODGE BOTHWELL BRIG No.1229


RWM Brother Desmond McGowan extended a warm and sincere welcome to all for the Annual Installation of the RWM and Officebearers held on Saturday 2nd April at 4.15pm 2022 at Lodge St.Bryde No.579 Uddingston, when the PGL of Lanarkshire Middle Ward were in attendance headed by WSPGM Brother Gordon Maver accompanied by RWPGM Brother Andrew Millar and several Officebearers of PGL, also received were Installing Masters Brother John Furlong PM and Captain Brother David Johnston PM, an excellent Installation then followed carried through with great dignity, precision, and decorum. Lodge Carron No.139 was suitably represented by 7 Brethren with Lodge Almoner Brother Gordon (Charlie) McVicar replying on behalf of the visiting Brethren from the Harmony Top Table who also made several presentations to RWM Brother Desmond McGowan on behalf of the Brethren of Lodge Carron which raised an excellent sum of money which was being raised for a Foodbank Trust. An excellent evening was had by all. Report by Alan B.Reid PM


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