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Presentation Sunday 28th June 20
Mrs Margaret Bisset has donated the cost of the new carpet for the Lodge East (Stage) She is pictured here making the donation to RWM Brother James MacAulay accompanied by her husband Brother Robert Bisset. A picture  below of her Great Grandfather Brother James Wilson RWM Lodge Carron 139 1930-32 was shown to her.


Report by Brother Secretary Kenneth Maclennan, wiring under stage completed just need to add sockets then wire up to go live. Will be one of the last jobs to be done. Thanks to Allan Baxter who did most of the work and Alistair Taylor who helped with running the cable also  thanks also to Bros Brian Conroy, Barry Stewart, Dougie Thompson, Kenny Maclennan, Charlie Macvicar, Tam Meikle who have taken part in other various aspects of the Temple upgrade. If I have omitted any Brother please accept my sincere apology. There will be other Brethren whom I will name at a later stage of the upgrade.

Lodge Secretary's report by Brother Kenneth Maclennan

Work completed Friday 26th June 2020 

Electrics removed from East and isolated
West wall cleaned with sugar soap.  
Really surprised at how good condition the wood is in.(before and after pictures attached)
Stage almost ready for 500mm extension - need to sort out the rogue conduit and wiring
Wood delivery planned for Saturday 27th June 2020
Meeting at Lodge Sunday 1pm to discuss next steps.
Invited two painters to give quotes (both Lodge members)
Issues found to date.
Wiring under stage in conduit needs removed-
We should consider a complete re-wire of the Temple or at least the stage area.
Also consider creating a one line diagram (wiring diagram)
Other news
I have created a spreadsheet to capture all expenses and invoices

                        Lodge Secretary's report by Brother Kenneth Maclennan

The Lodge Temple improvements were started on Monday 22nd June 2020 all works will comply with current social distancing and hygiene rules the improvements will include the following:- 

1.Extend stage at East by 500mm.

2.Remove wall panels (pictures show progress) on Tuesday 23rd June 2020

3.Refurbish original wood under panels & paint in Lodge colours.

4.Replace all door surrounds.

5.Fit insulation on external walls Mural to be painted behind the East.

6.Fit new centre lights (suggestions welcome) Paint walls and ceiling

7.Other works being done include Fit new gutter downpipe at South West corner.

8.Investigate gutter leak at North West corner.

9.Renew toilet hand driers with high speed type.

10.Fit expansion pot to heating boiler.

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