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On Friday 2nd February 2024 Lodge Carron No.139 members were invited to the Charity Dinner of Lodge St. Clair Glasgow No.362 RWM Brother George Mawhinnie, WSW Brother Stuart Stirling PM WPGMD, DM Brother Charlie MacVicar, SD Brother Allan Baxter and AM No.139 Brother Desmond McGowan PM, DM No.1229 were in attendance. It was an honour to be invited again to this amazing event but a privilege to be invited by RWM Brother Chris Black to the top table with WSW Brother Stuart Stirling PM, and Brother Desmond McGowan. The hospitality was outstanding along with the catering staff looking after us On the night the two Charities were the winners who were 1) David Hagen (MMD 2) Mr. Bob Bogle (Manager of Headway Glasgow) his reply was very personal and moving which brought a tear to my eye when talking about the illness of his son. The night finished off with Lodge Carron brethren taking away a handsome collection of prizes from the Lodge St. Clair raffle. I wish to thank RWM Brother Chris Black, PM’s, Officebearers and Brethren for a fantastic night and wish the Lodge well for the future and will support you to the best of my ability. Photos with kind permission.

On Wednesday 20th December 2023 a number of Brethren from Lodge Carron No.139 visited Lodge St.John Slammannan No.484 RWM Brother George Mawhinnie, WSW Brother Stuart Stirling PM WDPGM, DOC Brother Alan Reid PM, DM Brother Charlie MacVicar, SD Brother Allan Baxter, SB Brother Ian Thomson, BB Brother Dougie Thomson, Architect Brother Robert Paton and MM Brother Alistair Taylor as part of a deputation of Lodge  Caldercruix St. John No.1314 who were conferring the FC degree 
by RWM Brother James Kerr No.1314 and his degree team on one candidate Gordon Taylor of Lodge St. John Slamannan No.484. We were warmly welcomed into the Lodge by IPM Brother Graham Black. RWM Brother James Kerr was a proud man of his degree team in carrying out the FC degree to a very high standard and thanked the Brethren for their support, also to the three RWM’s George Mawhinnie 139, Chris Black 362 and Alexander Muir 793 and their Brethren for their suppor of Lodge Caldercruix 1314 he was privileged and honoured to have lead the deputation into his Mother Lodge. I would like to thank 484 for there hospitality and yes we did win a few raffles (Brother Robert Paton 139) from our RWM Brother George Mawhinnie wishes all Brethren a happy Christmas and a prosperous 2024 from Lodge Carron 139. Photos with kind permission Santa gave a visit. Report by Depute Master Brother Charlie Macvicar No.139

On 13th December 2023 RWM Brother George Mawhinnie Lodge Carron No.139 visited Lodge St. Andrew Cumbernuald No.199, accompanied by his Officebearers DoC Brother Alan Reid PM, DM Brother Charlie MacVicar and SD Brother Allan Baxter were warmly welcome into the Lodge by RWM Brother Frank Gordon. A large deputation from Athole Lodge No.384 (Kirkintilloch) headed by RWM Brother Colin Gray were invited to carry out the FC Degree, surprisingly I volunteered, I am glad I did, as it was an  excellent degree carried out with great dignity and decorum. The RWM No.384 intimated his great delight with the degree team tonight for an excellent FC Degree and thanked RWM Brother Frank Gordon for inviting Athole Lodge No.384 to confer the FC Degree. It was an honour and a privilege to be here tonight. I would like to thank Lodge No.199 Brethren for excellent hospitality. Well done DoC Brother Alan Reid (PM) for winning a raffle prize. We wish RWM Brother Frank and his Brethren a happy Christmas and a prosperous new year for 2024. Report by Brother Charlie MacVicar Depute Master (Photos with kind permission) 

On Saturday 18th November 2023 RWM Brother George Mawhinnie accompanied by WSW Brother Stuart Stirling PM (WPGMD), IPM Brother Jim MacAulay and Brother Charlie MacVicar DM Lodge Carron 139 visited Lodge Ancient Stirling No.30 for their Annual Installation of Master Elect Brother Craig Muirhead and his Officebearers. A large deputation from the Provincial Grand Lodge of Stirlingshire headed by RWPGM Brother Brother Gordon Sewell. The Installing Masters were Brother John Gwynne PM, Brian Wright PM and Brother James Ferguson PM. RWM Brother Craig Muirhead was a proud man and thanked his Installing Masters for an excellent installation he also congratulated the Officebearers on being installed into their various offices. From all at Lodge Carron 139, we wish RWM Brother Craig Muirhead and all at Lodge No.30 a successful 12 months and may we be the first to wish all Freemasonry a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2024 Report by Brother Charlie Macvicar DM 139 Photos with kind permission.

On Tuesday 7th November 2023 Lodge Carron No.139 were invited to confer the Entered Apprentice Degree on one Candidate. RWM Brother George Mawhinnie was delighted to head an excellent deputation of 40 Brethren accompanied by 6 reigning RWM's from various Sister Lodges into the Lodge. A truly wonderful EA degree was conferred by the RWM and Officebearers of Lodge Carron No.139. I am sure the young 18 year old candidate Brother Mason Laing enjoyed his induction into the craft. The DoC presented Brother Robert Brown PM No.203 to the RWM who offered PM Brown honorary membership of No.1314, to which he graciously accepted. Congratulations to RWM Brother George McWhinnie and his degree team for a great night, I am sure the assembled Brethren thoroughly enjoyed the labours of No.139. Brother Charlie Macvicar DM of Lodge Carron No.139 presented RWM Brother George Randall with a very comprehensive montage of Lodge Caldercruix No.1314 of their 100 years Centenary which was gratefully and very welcomed by the Brethren of No.1314. Brother Randall thanked Brother Macvicar for his presentation and intimated that it would displayed with great delight at their future meetings. At the close of the meeting RWM Brother George Randall invited all to remain behind for Lodge hospitality. Photos by kind permission.  

On Friday 3rd November 2023 our Annual sojurn to Preston (England) took place for the Remembrance Services at the  Masonic Hall, Lodge of Endeavour No.7036 with Brethren of various Lodges from Glasgow, Hamilton and Uddingston. We were warmly welcomed into Lodge of Endeavour by their WM Brother Jim Bennett and his Brethren. The service was very dignified and respectful for all those who laid down their lives so that we can have ours (Lest we forget and we will remember them) After the service we attended the festival board with great food and excellent hospitality. The money on the night raised £1,100 for the Army Charity. On behalf of the visitors from Scotland we would like to thank WM Brother Jim Bennett and Brethren for an excellent visit and making us feel part of the event. We are already  looking forward to 2024 till we meet again please stay safe. Photos with kind permission.

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