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                            Annual Xmas Party


On Sunday 17th December 2023 it was the Lodge Carron No.139 children's Christmas party at 2pm-4pm in the Lodge Temple. RWM Brother George Mawhinnie would like to thank all who attended today’s event it was pleasing to see the children enjoying themselves, also I would like to thank Gladys ChuckleButty for the excellent entertainment, yet again Gladys was outstanding and brilliant with the children having a ball. I would like to thank all the brethren ( you know who you all are) very much for your continued support to me at the same time as the children's Christmas party was going on upstairs in the Temple with downstairs the Lodge Carron No.139 Annual Christmas Draw, again Brethren I wish to thank the Xmas  Draw Committee for an outstanding performance and to the Brethren and friends of Lodge Carron No.139 for their kind donations. If you won then well done!! from all the Brethren of Lodge Carron 139 a big thank you to the RWM's wife Elaine Mawhinnie for organising and rapping the gifts for the children. From RWM Brother George Mawhinnie wishes you all Brethren and their families a happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year 2024 Report by Depute Master Brother Charlie Macvicar. Photos by kind permission


A big thank you to the RWM's wife Elaine Mawhinnie for organising and rapping the gifts for the children, also to the Brethren who assisted with the food and setting up of the Temple for the children's Xmas Party.

To SD Brother Allan Baxter (Promoter) and our Lodge Secretary Brother Kenneth Maclennan for the many tasks he does for the Lodge and Brethren behind the scene, also to our Lodge Depute Master and Almoner Brother Charlie Macvicar for overseeing a very successful day. Photos by kind permission.   

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