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On Saturday 7th October 2023 I had the pleasure off attending with RWM Brother George Mawhinnie and Brethren from Lodge Carron No.139 accompanied by IPM Brother Desmond McGowan Lodge Bothwell Brig No.1229 Lodge Caldercruix St John No.1314 for their Centenary Celebrations. The meeting was held in the outstanding surroundings of Cairnlee Church followed by an excellent meal and toasts in Gartlea Community Centre. The whole day was a credit to RWM Brother George Randall, Officebearers and Brethern of Lodge Caldercruix St John No.1314. On behalf of the Brethren present we wish RWM Brother George Randall, Officebearers and Brethern of Lodge Caldercruix St John No.1314. 1314 every success for the future. Brother Charlie MacVicar DM/Almoner No.139 Photos by kind permission

Top Pictures & Report 

Report by RWM Brother Georgdie McPheat No.963 what a truly wonderful evening visiting our Mother Lodge St Andrew No.601 Ardersier in the Province of Inverness-shire on Wednesday 4th October 2023 accompanied by Brother Charlie MacVicar Depute Master Lodge Carron  No.139 It was also an honour and privilege to be invited to the East in my Mother Lodge and an added honour to say few words of thanks to the degree team. A wonderful FC degree was conferred by the RWM Bro. John McKenzie and the office bearers of Lodge St Andrew No.601 Congratulations to RWM and his degree team for a truly great night, I am sure the candidate thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Additionally it was great to see one brother affiliate to Lodge St Andrew No.601 we wish them both well on their masonic journey. Brother Charlie MacVicar presented the Lodge with a Royal Scots Masonic clock (batteries included), which was graciously received by the RWM Bro. John McKenzie who thanked Brother Charlie for this wonderful gift. Thanks to RWM and Brethren of our Mother Lodge for their warm welcome and generous hospitality. Bro Billy McPheat RWM No.963 and Bro Charlie MacVicar Almoner/DM No.139 (Photos with kind permission)


Bottom Pictures & Report

On Thursday 5th October 2023 RWM Brother George Mawhinnie, Brother Charlie MacVicar DM/Almoner

Brother Allan Baxter SD of Lodge Carron 139 visited to Lodge Dolphin No 911,for their monthly meeting at Bonnybridge. We were warmly welcomed into the Temple by RWM Brother Jackie Clarke and his PM’s, office bearers and brethren. The degree was a FCconferred by RWM Brother Gordon Sheridan and his degree team of Lodge Bonhill & Alexandria S.A.R.A. No.321 on one candidate Kenny Fraser At the close of the meeting RWM Brother Gordon Sheridan intimated he was a proud man tonight and praised his degree team for the excellent work of the FC Degree and thanked his brethren that stood in on short notice. RWM Brother George MaWinnine No.139 replied on behalf of the visitors and thanked the RWM No.911 for the warm welcome in to his lodge this evening, also in the absence of the RWM Bro Gordon Sheridan and his degree he thanked the degree team for an outstanding degree. The lodge Stewards were thanked for their excellent hospitality and looking after us tonight. Yes” I won a raffle prize thanks again Lodge Dolphin 911 for a great night and wish you all well for the future. DM/Almoner 139 (Photos with kind permission) 

On Saturday 5th August 2023 I visited Lodge Bannockburn Bruce & Thistle No.312 with RWM Bro George Mawhinnie Lodge Carron 139, Bro Charlie MacVicar DM/Almoner 139, and PM Brother Stuart Stirling who was part of the degree team. The following report by RWM Brother David Stevenson No.312 an excellent degree and outstanding hospitality. Father  and son Craig and Jack Stevenson took their 3rd step in freemasonry with an exemplary MM degree at the hands of PM Clint Swan. Afterwards the harmony that followed ran into the very early hours where Bro John Pollock played all the favourites. It was also very pleasing to see the social club fill up with the attendance of all our wives/partners. Thank you to everyone for their attendance. Thank you to the DM Lodge Carron 139 for taking the picture. photo by kind permission

Bannockburn Bruce & Thistle No.312

group photo of the degree team who took part RWM- PM Clint Swan 312, WSW- RWM John Cowan 598, WJW- PM Tom Campbell 312, SD- PM Derek Irvine 312, JD- PM James McCormick 312, IG- PM Sam Harris 792, Retrospect & Solo- PM Stuart Stirling 139,  Raising- PM Robert McGregor 312, Emblems- SM Paul Duffin 312, Secrets- IPM David Brown 76, Tools- PM Ross Hardie 911, Charge- PM James Andrew 76, DOC- PM Alan Gray photo by kind permission​

On Wednesday 2nd August 2023 we visited Lodge Caldercruix No.1314 for their 100 years centenary 1923 -2023 In attendance for Lodge Carron 139 was RWM Brother George Mawhinnie, Brother Charlie Macvicar DM/Almoner, Brother Allan Baxter SD and Brother Ian Thomson SB, there were 175 Brethren signing the attendance book with a deputation from the Provincial Grand Lodge of Lanarkshire Middle Ward headed on the evening by WSPGM Brother Gordon Mather accompanied with Sister Lodges from Airdrie. The Degree (MMM) was conferred by RWM John Furlong No.1229 and his team to a very high standard of ritual. RWM Brother John Furlong was indeed a proud man with 5 candidates in attendance. I would like to thank the RWM of No.1314 and the Brethren for the warm welcome and excellent hospitality. Roll on the next 100+ years, well done  toall. Footnote: Brother Charlie Macvicar seen in the photograph (below) being presented with his honorary membership of Lodge Bothwell Brig No.1229 by IPM Brother Dez McGowan.............DM/Almoner Brother Charlie Macvicar No. 139

On Thursday 20th April 2023 Brethren from Lodge Carron No.139 headed by RWM Brother George Mawhinnie, Almoner Brother Charlie Macvicar, and SD Brother Allan Baxter visited Lodge Tulliallan No.598 to witness the Master Mason Degree and the 50 year Jubilee presentation certificate to PM Brother Malcolm Speirs. A deputation from the PGL of Stirlingshire were also in attendance headed by Brother Gordon Sewell RWPGM with past and present Officebearers. In the PGL Deputation was Brother Stuart Stirling No.139 WPGM (Depute) and Brother Alan B Reid No.139 PWSPGM. An excellent degree was conferred on two candidates who at the close of the ceremony were both warmly congratulated on their degree. At the close of the meeting RWM Brother John Swan invited all to remain behind to accept Lodge hospitality. photos by kind permission    

On Monday 20th March 2023 Brethren of Lodge Carron No.139 visited Lodge Callendar No.588 who were conferring the EA degree on one candidate. Brother Arn Fullerton IG No.139 was presenting the tools. We entered the Lodge as a Deputation headed by RWM Brother George Mawhinnie, Brother Jim McAuly IPM, Brother Walter Richardson PM, Brother Charlie Macvicar DM/Almoner, Brother Donald Cowan Chaplain, Brother Kenneth MacLennan Secretary, Brother Allan Baxter SD, Brother Arn Fullerton IG, Brother Ian Thomson SB and Brother Colin Fullerton. The Deputation was warmly welcomed into the Lodge by RWM Brother Colin McCardle, PM’s, Officbearers and Brethren. RWM Brother George Mawhinnie was invited to reply to the degree who congratulated the RWM and his degree team for an excellent working of the EA degree and wished the candidate well for the future, he also thanked the RWM for the warm welcome into the Temple. Lodge hospitality was extended to all. DM/Almoner No.139 pictures with permission 

On Wednesday 1st February 2023 I would like to take the opportunity to thank RWM, PM’s, Officebearers and Brethren of Lodge St. Clair Glasgow No.362 for their kind invitation to their Charity Dinner and on behalf off my own RWM Brother George Mawhinnie, DM/Almoner Brother Charlie Macvicar and SD Brother Allan Baxter of Lodge Carron No.139 it was an excellent evening from start to finish and I won a raffle prize many thanks again RWM No.362 photos with kind permission

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