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Bonus Ball Prize Draw


  1. The draw will be run by the Lodge Carron Social Club.
  1. The draw will be open to all members of the Lodge and the general public.
  1. All participants must be at least 18 years of age.
  1. The bonus ball number on the last Saturday evening draw of each Calendar month will determine the winner.
  1. Entry to the draw will only be by bank Standing Order and will begin once first payment has been received.
  1. Subscription will be £5.00 (five) pounds per month.
  1. The monthly sum of £100 will be awarded to the person who is allocated the bonus ball number drawn on the National Lottery.
  1. The winning prize will be paid on the Monday succeeding the draw, or by special arrangement.
  1. In the event of no winner, prize monies will be rolled over until won.

     10 In the event of a requested number already having been allocated, alternative number will be chosen from t            the remaining numbers available.


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