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On Saturday 28th October 2023 RWM Brother George Mawhinnie Lodge Carron No.139 accompanied by Brethren from Lodge Carron No.139 WSW Brother Stuart Stirling PM, WPGMD, Brother David Duncan PM, Brother Tam Meikle PM, Brother Charlie MacVicar DM, Brother Allan Baxter SD and Brother Arn Fullarton IG for the Annual Installation of Lodge St. John Slammannan No.484 on Master Elect Brother James Alexander Brown and his Officebearers The Provincial Grand Lodge of Stirlingshire was headed by Brother Gordon W.S. Sewell RWPGM and his Officebearers who witnessed an outstanding Installation by the Installing Masters, Brother James Kerr PM No.484, Brother Leonard McComb PM No.484, and Brother Colin Reid PM No.484  I would also thank the outgoing RWM Brother Graham Black for his warm welcome at the beginning of the Installation Ceremony we wish IPM Brother Graham Black well for the future. The new RWM Brother James Brown thanked everyone present for attending snd extended Lodge hospitality to all present. Brother Charlie MacVicar DM No.139 Pictures with kind permission.

On Wednesday 25th October 2023 Lodge Carron No.139 confered the Fellowcraft Degree on one candidate at the hands of RWM Brother George Mawhinnie and his Officebearers. RWM Brother Mawhinnie thanked his degree team for an excellent degree which was very much appreciated by the assembled Brethren. It was intimated by the RWM that this was the first time that the Lodge has held an enquiry meeting in the new refurbished room since covid. One gentleman attended for the enquiry meeting also an application for affiliation was also received. 

On Tuesday 24th October 2023 Bro Charlie Macvicar DM 139 visited Lodge Wifflet 963 when the Brethren witnessed a truly unique and outstanding Reigning Masters degree conferred by a mix of RWMs from through Lanarkshire Middle Ward and beyond. Beforehand, the RWM of 963 Bro Billy McPheat welcomed a fine and distinguished deputation from the Provincial Grand Lodge of Lanarkshire Middle Ward headed by the RWPGM Bro Andrew D. Miller and accompanied with SPGM Bro Colin Campbell and several PGL members. The RWM Bro Billy presented the RWPGM Bro Andy with the Mall as a token fealty to Provincial Grand Lodge and through him to Grand Lodge of Scotland. RWPGM Bro Andy thanked Bro Billy and wished him all the success for the evening ahead. RWM Bro Billy McPheat took this opportunity to present the RWPGM with a cheque for £100 to go to his nominated charity CHAS, Bro Andy thanked the Lodge for their kind and generous donation and assured the brethren it will be put to good use. The RWM of 963 Bro Billy McPheat welcomed a fine and distinguished deputation of Reigning Masters from both within and out with the Province and on this occasion headed by the RWM Bro George Laird Randall Lodge Caldercruix St John 1314. The RWM of 963 Bro Billy McPheat presented RWM Bro George Laird Randall 1314 with the Mall and thanked him for heading such a fine deputation of Reigning Masters, thereafter an excellent EA degree was conferred by the Reigning Master’s degree team and was thoroughly enjoyed by the assembled Brethren. A warm vote of thanks was conveyed to the degree team by RWM Billy McPheat, who took time to thank everyone for coming along and witnessing such a masonic spectacle. The RWPGM Bro Andy was asked to say a few words on the degree team, to which he congratulated everyone who took part and thereafter welcomed all visitors into the province. A kind and thankful reply was received from RWM Bro. Bert Hannah St Johns Operative 374 on behalf of the Reigning Master’s degree team. The RWM Bro. Billy McPheat once again thanked everyone for attending and making the evening such a fantastic and memorable occasion. The Lodge was closed in due and ancient form and the RWM invited all to accompany him in the lounge for refreshments and hospitality. It was good to catch up with some old friends and a truly excellent evening was enjoyed by all. Charlie MacVicar. Report by Bro Billy McPheat RWM 963 Photos with kind permission.

On Saturday 21st October 2023 I visited accompanied by RWM Brother George Mawhinnie Lodge Carron No.139 to Lodge Ben Cleuch No.782 Tillicoultry for their Annual Installation of Master Elect Brother James Harris and his Officebearers. We were warmly welcomed into the Temple by the outgoing  IPM Brother D.S. Rhodes PM. The Installing Masters and a board of Installed Masters were admitted headed  by Brother Thomas Wilson McDonald PM No.782. A deputation from the Province of Stirlingshire were also admitted headed by RWPGM Brother Gordon Sewell and PGL Officebearers. The Installing Masters were outstanding with the new RWM Brother James Harris being very proud of his Installing team who was also pleased to see the turnout today at the Installation and thanked all for attending. At the close of the meeting the RWM invited all to remain behind for Lodge hospitality. Pictures with kind permission.

On Monday 16th October 2023 I visited Lodge St. Andrew’s Military No.668 Annual Installation at the Masonic Hall, Wellgate Street, Larkhall when Brother A. Scott Campbell was RWM Elect. We were warmly welcomed into the Temple by the retiring RWM Brother Duncan Osborne. A deputation from the Provincial Grand Lodge of Lanarkshire Middle Ward was headed by SPGM Brother Bobby Ferguson after which the Installing Masters then entered the Temple Brother Stuart Campbell RWM No.233, Brother 
John Jack Cheape PM No.668, No.1229. RWM Brother Scott Campbell PM was a proud man who thanked his Installing Masters who did a fantastic job of Installing with his son Stuart Installing him. It was great to be there and watch an excellent installation with old and new friends. Unfortunately I was  unable to remain for the meal with thanks to the Brethren for the invitation at the St John Festival maybe next time. I wish the RWM and Brethren all the best for the coming 12 months in office. Brother Charlie MacVicar DM (Lodge Carron 139) Photos with kind permission. 

On Thursday 12th October 2023 Lodge Carron No.139 headed by RWM Brother George Mawhinnie with his Past Masters, Officebearers and Brethren visited Lodge Barns "O" Clyde No.1018 to confer the MM Degree on one candidate. We were warmly welcomed in to the Lodge by RWM Brother Alistair Durning PM's and Brethren. RWM Brother George Mawhinnie was a proud man tonight with his degree team and the Brethren who came and supported the RWM. The degree was completed to a very high standard with all brethren present showeing there appreciation. I would like to thank the lodge stewards for looking after us and putting on excellent hospitality, till we meet again all stay safe at Lodge  Barns O’Clyde No.1018. (Photos with kind permission) DM/Almoner No.139 Brother Charlie Macvicar

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