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            Progress report by Lodge Secretary Kenneth Maclennan Monday 23rd Nov. 2020

  • SMALL UPSTAIRS ANTEROOM made good progress with Dougie Thomson this afternoon.  All the wood from the small room has been removed. Also removed the carpet. On Friday this week 27th November Allan Baxter and I will remove the sink and then order the wood & fittings required for the refurbishment. I'll try and get in during the week to start tidying up the plaster work. Still discussing format of room, but coming to the conclusion that it will be used for storage of  Lodge Carron degree equipment, Royal Arch equipment, Lodge Carron books, Lodge Carron aprons. It will also have a new small sink and a window bench seat. Having the degree equipment in the small room makes sense as it is nearer the Temple door. This then leaves the larger anteroom free for whatever we think. The small room will be completed before any work on the larger anteroom takes place.  PHOTOS BELOW ON PROGRESS                        *********************************************************************************************Progress report by Lodge Secretary Kenneth Maclennan
  • Brethren, today Brother Scott Wannan fitted the new carpet in the East.  Brother Scott joins the list of worthy Brethren who have given their skills and time to Lodge Carron No.139
  • The remaining work in the temple includes the following:(a)Fitting the three remaining radiators    (b) Get the heating back on (c) Fit the furniture in the Temple (d) Fit the remaining pictures on the wall 

Progress report by Lodge Secretary Kenneth Maclennan

  • Temple Update
  • All artistic work now completed.
  • Radiator fitted on West wall (Thanks to Allan Baxter)
  • Upholstery delivered and fitted
  • PM pictures refitted New framing fitted by Dougie Thomson.

Remaining Work

  • Light to fit for "eye" and "star"
  • Mirrors to fit.
  • Carpet to fit in East
  • Radiators to fit in East (2 off) 
  • Standardise PM pictures - New frames being purchased / standard backing card and naming to fit.
  • Final portrait pictures to fit.
  • Now that we are in October it is important for the building that we get the heating up and running. 
  • New Worktops fitted by Brothers Dougie Thomson and Allan Baxter at the floor level of the Lodge Temple for the storage of Tables etc, etc 

Progress Update Report by Secretary Kenny Maclennan

  • PM Charlie Kilpatrick has completed the rewiring of the new fuse board and is pictured next to the new Chandeliers. 
  • The NEW Main Door Sign has now been fitted and installed. The Lodge would like to take the opportunity to thank Brother Jack Nixon Lodge Zetland No.391 for his expertise in re-newing the sign to its former glory. 
  • Progress Update Report by Secretary Kenny Maclennan Sunday 30th August    The base units downstairs in the Lodge kitchen (affectionately known as (FORT KNOX) are now in the process of being fitted by Brother Allan Baxter JD    

Progress Update Report by Secretary Kenny Maclennan Saturday 1st August Brother painters doing a fabulous job of painting the Temple ceiling. Lighting cupboard now by the Brother joiners. 

Progress Update Report by Secretary Kenny Maclennan.Tuesday 28th July picture frame in East done, dado at fire exit done, back board for spark done,just a few wee jobs to do before the painters start .

Progress Update Report by Secretary Kenny Maclennan.  
Attached pictures show the new facings on the windows and doors heavy and accurate work carried out by two gifted craftsmen. Repointing at the East has been completed. New centre lights have been ordered. Beeswax has been ordered to see if it helps bring some lustre to the wall facings. The kitchen cupboard has been stripped of the old shelving and we intend to put some wall and base cupboards along with the new fridge.in the space available. Three sanitizer dispensers to be placed in the building. The hand drier for the Ladies toilet has arrived to be fitted.

Progress Update Report by Secretary Kenny Maclennan.                                        Dougie has completed the new bench seat in the North Dougie started framing the bench seats in the South I removed the conduit & wiring at the East. Dougie and Allan fitting the framing then the boarding for the Mural. Last night Charlie Macvicar and I continued clearing out the store cupboard in the kitchen. Charlie did sterling work and cleaned most of the kitchen upboards. We have removed the large fridge from the store cupboard. It still works and would be a good beer fridge for someone's man shed. We will purchase a smaller more suitable unit for the cupboard. If any Brother wants it simply give me a shout and come and pick it up. 

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