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               W.S.W.                            Brother                  Stuart Stirling PM

               R.W.M.                           Brother                    George Mawhinnie

               W.J.W.                             Brother                          Rab Paton




Right Worshipful Master

Brother George Mawhinnie 
Immediate Past Master Brother James MacAulay PGL-Officebearer  
Depute Master  Brother Gordon Anthony (Charlie) Macvicar (RWM Appointment)  
Substitute Master Vacant
Worshipful Senior Warden Brother Stuart Stirling PM PGL-WPGMDepute (2020-         ) 
Worshipful Junior Warden Brother Rab Paton
Secretary Brother Kenneth Maclennan
Assistant Secretary Vacant
Treasurer Vacant
Assistant Treasurer Vacant
Almoner Brother Gordon Anthony (Charlie) Macvicar
Director of Ceremonies Brother Alan B.Reid PM PGL-WSPGM (2000-2005)
Assistant Director of Ceremonies Vacant
Chaplain Brother Donald Cowan
Senior Deacon Brother Allan Baxter
Junior Deacon  Brother Garry Maclachlan
Architect Brother John Stevenson
Jeweler Brother Robert Bissett
Bible Bearer Brother Douglas Thomson
Bard Brother Colin Fullarton
Sword Bearer Brother Ian Thomson
Director of Music   Brother Scott Gilfeather
Organist Vacant
Marshall Vacant
Inner Guard Brother Arn Fullerton
Standard Bearer Brother Barry Stewart
President of Stewards Brother Tony Rae
Junior Steward Brother Robert Stoddart
Tyler Brother Iain Rae
Piper Brother Gavin Richardson
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